The Monkeys Visit Santa at intu Lakeside!

The excitement that Christmas is coming mounts as the monkeys visit Santa! A quick dash from school to intu Lakeside this afternoon, we waited patiently for our booked slot at Santa's Gingerbread Grotto in the Christmas Village! 
One of Santa's Elf's greeted us and showed the monkeys the activities they could take part in inside the grotto whilst waiting to see the Big Man himself. They were shown how to use the scanner to see if they are on the naughty or nice list and were both thrilled to see they have made it onto the nice list! Santa greeted us into his grotto after trailing lights lit up in celebration of their niceness and jingle bells rang! 
He chatted to both monkeys about what they would like for Christmas and asked if they had written a letter to him yet! After their chat Santa gave the boys a gift each. Little monkey got a Playmobil Pirate set and big monkey a dinosaur book. 
You can't take your own photo's inside with Santa but on the way out you can purchase photo's that you are invited to pose for with him.
We took a mounted print home with us after our visit. All the elves and Santa himself were very welcoming and friendly. The grotto is pretty cool. We've been to better but have also been to worse! The grotto is amongst the fairground attractions and right behind the Ice Skating rink I wrote about a few weeks ago! It seemed popular with plenty of people queueing behind us. Both monkeys said they loved seeing Santa! 
You can purchase tickets online for £6 per child. The grotto and gifts handed out are in association with Playmobil. We're happy as the monkeys are happy. They are firm believers in Santa still and that's just fine with us. We made an evening of our invite to the grotto by eating at intu Lakeside too.

As intuvib's (very important bloggers), we were invited to see Santa and take a photo home FOC, in return for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks intu Lakeside.



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