Done with Adulting?

Do you ever wish you were still a kid and wish you could be done with being a adult just for a while? 

I bought my first home around age 21 and have considered myself an adult since then. I went to work, ran a home, drove a car and did all the adult things I continued to do. Forward another 24 years and I'm still doing those things, but with a husband and two children in tow! I have to say, they keep me young to be honest! Hell, I want to be a kid again and see the world through the monkeys eyes, but did you know, most modern Brits don't consider themselves as an adult until they are 33! 

Could you be a kidult? I know plenty who could! Hey, even I can at times! When my folks come to stay, in some aspects I revert back to being their child and let them 'wait' on me! Shocking hey! 

I even insisted on an advent calendar this last Christmas and was genuinely upset when my Mum stopped buying me one, when the monkeys came along! 
Sweet Champions from Tangerine Confectionery have sent me a kit to help me kidult instead of adult! I was not going to say no to sweets was I! (See, there's a kid in me). The kit comes with a fab book, New York Times bestseller - Adulting, how to become a grown up in 468 easy(ish) steps! It's a great, fun read and one for many people to enjoy. There's even a colouring book and stickers (though, I've refrained from putting them on my bedroom door like the monkeys do!). The stickers have things on them like: I wore matching socks today, I thought about going to the gym! 
What fun. I might have let the monkeys have a few of my sweets my they are mine! All mine!

This fun info graphic shows the 25 signs you are a kidult. It's funny, as I think deep down, we are all big kids at heart! Every time hubby goes into M&S (which I love, I have to say), he says he is far too young to shop in there! Ha ha, he isn't getting any younger either! 

Do you consider yourself an adult or are you a kidult? 

You can win a Kidulting kit too! It comes with the stickers, box of Sweet Champions sweets, the book and a colouring book. To enter, just complete the rafflecopter form below before Midnight 29/1/17. Open to UK residents only. T&C's apply. Good luck! 
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