Looking for Local Trusted Services.

Finding trusted local services is always a little nerve wrecking. Will you get a good service? Will the person even turn up on time? Are they any good? Have friends and family recommended them? The list goes on. 

Towards the end of last year we had some family photo's taken. In fact, the monkey's school invited us to make use of a free shoot, should we wish to do so! We gladly took them up on the offer as I'd been searching for a local photographer to do a family portrait shoot anyway! Whilst I had been searching, I had come across a website that helps you search for and hire local photographers
amongst lots of other local professional services.
Very easy to use Bidvine seems to be a great place to search for local professional services in your area. Be it a tradesman, plumber, someone to clean the oven, a photographer or another service. 

You simply use the drop down menu to click on the service you require or use the search box to type in what you are looking for. Then add your postcode. You are asked a series of questions on the next page that are relevant to your search, which gives the website a better understanding of what they should look for. Once those questions are answered (which are simple tick boxes), you'll then need to sign in. You can do this via a social media account or email address. You will be asked for a phone number but can specify whether quotes come through via a call to a mobile number or via text. Quotes come through the website too. You'll receive an email when bids come through.
A very easy 5 minute (or less) process. 

Once you have done that just wait for local quotes to come through. I enquired via the site on a Tuesday and was told to expect quotes by Saturday. In fact I got a message on the website within 40 minutes from a photographer offering his portrait services. With no obligation, his quote included and an invite to take a look at his website. You are then invited to reply to the message, phone the professional or click to hire them! Once you've done one search and requested quotes you can make as many searches for other local services as you like. Bidvine even suggests other services relevant to your search.

Bidvine also have a mobile app and are on the usual social media channels too. I'm sure the service will be vital when sourcing local professional services. Now, I'm off to look for an oven cleaner! 

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