Winter Walks & Adventures!

There's nothing better on a cold, crisp sunny winter's day then blowing away the cobwebs. We've been to the Zoo in the last month and had some great family walks too. The cold (and potential wet) should not put a stop to being outside. Warm clothing and the right footwear can make all the difference, meaning those family activities need not stop! Both the monkeys have fabulous Ecco Gore-Tex Boots, which are perfect for such outings.
Our trip to the zoo actually took place on Christmas Eve. We wanted to keep the monkeys occupied for the majority of the day, as I knew they would be too excitable indoors. Nanny and Grandad came with us and a great day was had by all. First stop, we went to see Santa. Then we made our way around the remarkably quiet zoo. It was busy but considering there was a Christmas event on and it was a Saturday, it was quieter than expected. This was great news for us! It meant the monkeys could run about, and get a really good look at the animals. We ate there in the cafe and had fun on the train, which told a Christmas Tale and sang Christmas songs as it went around. The monkeys took great pride in shielding me from seeing the snakes (as they know I hate them!). We did have to venture home a little earlier than expected, come mid afternoon. The weather turned too cold to stay and the monkeys wanted to get home to prepare for Santa! 
On Boxing Day we ventured out for a family walk to the woods. Based around a local beauty spot and lake, the monkeys were in their element! They were climbing tree's, running around, jumping in leaves and generally having a blast in the dappled sunshine. It was great to see other families outside doing the same thing.
Of course we get outside and active as much as we can! The monkeys go for runs with Daddy, they play football and we go to the park as much as we can. Just today big monkey is wearing his Gore-Tex boots for his class outing to a local outdoor activity centre. They'll keep his feet lovely and warm and dry! Mind, they no longer look as clean as in the photo's above!

As Gore-Tex Big Days ambassadors we were sent these boots for the purpose of this post.



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