Little Live Pets Hatching Surprise Chick!

Little monkey is very keen on animals and loves his pet guinea pigs, although the love for them he had in the beginning has worn off slightly! He no longer wants to pet them every day or even feed them! Poor Daddy gets to do all that and clean them out! Little monkey would love more pets but for now, he'll need to be content with the toy pets he has! These include the new Little Live Pets Surprise Chick
Little Live Pets look, act and sound real! New, in time for Easter are the Surprise Chicks. They tap and chirp inside their egg and hatch, then hop about. For ages 5+ they are adorable and ideal as 'pets' for little ones to help hatch and nurture. Priced at just £14.99 there's a Limited Edition Golden Chick to look out for too! Each chick can be hatched over and over again!
We've been having a play. The egg and chick come fully packaged, and on opening the packaging you need to remove the tab from underneath the egg. Also remove the packing lock by turning it 90 degrees and pulling. Lastly remove the tape which is securing the egg shut. The chick does come with an instruction booklet! 

Here's a very short reveal video we did! I'm sure we have the Golden Limited Edition Chick! Eek! Excuse the video, they say you should never work with children and animals! 
There are 4 different chicks available (lilac, pink, blue and white) plus the Limited Edition Gold one! This is the one we have!
We placed our egg on the floor and waited to see what happens. Little monkey could hear the chick tap but couldn't wait for the egg to open and helped it to 'crack'. Luckily as mentioned above, this process can be done over and over! As you can see we have a yellow (golden) chick which is very cute! It's beak moves as it chirps and it moves and hops around out of it's shell. 
It has lovely detailed wings and is the perfect size for small hands to pick up. There is an on/off switch at the bottom of its tummy. The chick has a petting sensor on top of it's head and a 'hidden' battery compartment on it's back. He/she requires 3 button cell batteries which are included for demonstration.
Very cute, it interacts with it's fellow chicks if you have more than one! Free play is encouraged but the chick will go to sleep after 20 minutes if not played with. It will chirp and tweet a tune when petted. The more it's petted the more it tweets!

We think it's very good and love that you can pop it back into it's egg and start the hatching process over again. We've not encoured any problems and despite being quite small, it seems robust! New Little Live Pets are coming out all the time, with these chicks being a perfect Spring gift this Easter. More pets are due out later this year. The new Little Live Hedgehogs are out now too!

Why not take a look at the Little Live Pets takeover on UKMums.tv on 20th February! We LOVE our Limited Edition Gold Chick! 

We were sent this toy for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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