Mother's Day Gift Idea's

Before we can celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday March 26th it's hubby's birthday. I've a surprise up my sleeve for him and then I shall enjoy Mother's Day with my monkeys. I've booked the day off work as I know they would have been disappointed had I not been there when they wake. 

All I want myself on Mother's Day is to speak to or see my own Mum and to spend some quality family time with the monkeys. 

Despite what they might think, I'm not one for grand gestures. Tea in bed and some spring flowers will do me nicely. However I know others like to make big gestures and really go to town with gifts. Of course, they are lovely but really not necessary.

The shops and online stores make a big deal of such occasions, which is great but do they really need to? Surely a box of chocolates or flowers are perfect gifts to say 'Thanks Mum'.

If not then what? Personally, a bunch of daffodils would be perfect but people like to treat their Mums.

Large online stores are great places to look and the likes of stores such as Boots or Argos also often have promotion codes to help the budget stretch that little bit further www.discountpromocodes.co.uk/argos I love this Willow Tree Mother & Son Figurine. 
Photo credit:Argos
Jewellery is another lovely gift to give Mum. Hubby got me a Pandora bracelet, so often on special occasions he or the monkeys get me a charm. Of course they can be 'personalised' to suit the person getting them. Each of mine means something special to me.
Flowers of course are the perfect Mother's Day gift. With it falling in Spring, there are many spring flowers to choose from. Tulips are great flowers to say 'thank you'.
I doubt I will see my own Mum as she and my Dad will be cruising on their Narrow boat. We may go and find them and enjoy a Sunday Roast Dinner together, otherwise I shall be searching online for a small gift to send her. I may even give her money towards afternoon tea, or send my dad some money to buy her flowers. I always send her a card.

I'm just looking forward to a day off with my family. The monkeys will excitedly run into our room at some un-Godly hour and jump on our bed with cards they have made at school or bought with Daddy. Seeing their excited faces is such a lovely gift. 

What will you be doing this Mother's Day? Will you be shopping and buying Mum something special? Or is Mother's Day just another day?
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