Six! Now he is Six!

Well, I'm struggling to get to grips with the fact my baby is now six! In a few months time I'll also have a nine year old. It's like they were never even babies! The time has just flown by so quickly! Still, we've had a great time helping little monkey celebrate. I mean it's not every day you are six is it! 
A few days before his birthday we had Nanny and Grandad, Uncle and Auntie and his new baby cousin down to stay. We got a takeaway in the evening they arrived and went out for a Sunday roast the following lunch time. Followed by a birthday cake back home, so we could sing Happy Birthday to him! Just a small supermarket cake this time.
Tuesday, his actual birthday little monkey was actually at school all day but afterwards we took him and some of his friends to the local ten pin bowling alley. The kids played a game of bowling and then they ate there. A colleague made some Chelsea cupcakes for me, so again we sang Happy Birthday to little monkey. He loved his 'party' and a great time was had by all! 
That's not all though. I'd managed to get tickets for the four of us to do a Stadium Tour of Stamford Bridge, so yesterday we made our way to Fulham Broadway and had such a great time at the Chelsea Football Stadium! The tour was great and the museum too. Little monkey loved everything about it. He even took his birthday money into the Megstore to buy himself another kit and a few other football bits. 
Before coming home we had a late lunch at Byron Burger. Another first for both monkeys.
As much as I'm amazed at how quickly the years have gone, I'm super proud of both the monkeys and how they are turning into fine young boys. Now, we are set for the remainder of the school year, little monkeys first 'lost' tooth, his first big school outing and much more!
We love you son and hope your sixth birthday celebrations were everything you wanted them to be.

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