Spring/Summer Wear for Boys!

I've written before about my love for shopping and buying clothes for the monkeys. They have lots of clothes really, especially the youngest (as lots of his were his brothers), but the time has come to think about getting some Spring/Summer bits for them both and big monkey is growing at a rate of nots! 

Of course a lot of their time is spent wearing their school uniform but I'm still finding they need the odd bits. Big monkey is getting too tall for lots of his trousers and jeans and both need nice tops to wear when going out. They like to look smart from time to time but prefer Boys polo shirts to anything too dressy. As I've mentioned before I do like them to dress in the odd bit of clothing that matches one and others. I think they look super cool wearing the same but now of course, big monkey is coming up for 9 years old, so I think I'll not get away with that for too much longer! 
How super do they look in their matching tops here?

We have a holiday planned for the summer, so shorts will need to be bought and polo shirts are a great look with shorts. Later in the year we should have a Wedding to go too. This means the monkeys WILL need to be dressed smartly and I'm thinking Boys white shirt, Navy chino's and a nice blazer each! I can see the look in my minds eye and think they will look super cool and very handsome! 
Photo credit: Mayoral
Maybe a nice pair of tan brogues will go nicely too? What do you think? I'm loving my choices for a Wedding outfit above!
I'm open to idea's really and hope we get a set date for the Wedding through soon, so that I can start shopping! 

They are fairly easy to buy for and generally happy to either wear what I get for them or chose their own bits. This is especially so for big monkey who is taking more notice of what his friends are wearing and taking more pride in how he looks! They've both made their own choice of what to wear (from the choice they have in their wardrobes) since a very young age and to be honest, both have a good sense of style.

Right, I'm off to check their wardrobes to see exactly what they do need for Spring and Summer! I think shopping for them is just the thing I need to cheer up an otherwise dreary day!

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