Getting to know Zomlings Series 5!

For some time now the monkeys have loved 'blind bags' and all things 'pocket money toys'. They have the lot! Well, not the entire collection of all the different sets you can get but a lot of them! The latest 'kids on the block' are Zomlings Series 5. By Magicbox Toys, where Star Monsters also come from, they start from as little as 50 pence! What are they though? Zombie type creatures, that are collectibles. The range (Zomlings in the BIG town, include 'blind bags', a tin with metallic Zomlings in, big zoom mobile's and city towers. All with at least 1 Zomlings in each.
The monkeys were very excited at the weekend, when I tipped the contents of the parcel that arrived for them onto the bed, so they could have a rummage through and pick their Zomlings to open! 
We love these (just as much as all their other collectibles!). There's a fab folded town guide map to open (which comes in cellophane, with vehicle and Zomlings) and to place the city towers on. A rare Gold Tower to find, metallic coloured Zomlings (of which we have 5)
On the reverse of the map are all the new towers to collect, 100+ Zomlings which you can collect, an ice cream shop, a fire station and police station plus their relevant vehicles! (Pictured above!)
There are Zomlings to collect from different collections within the BIG town - Beastly Big Avenue, Broken Bridge, Deadly Downtown, Murky Museum and Pongy Park.
This video shows the TV advert for Zomlings Series 5. 
We'll certainly be collecting more! They are pliable, easy to play with, lots of fun and encourage the imagination. Available from major supermarkets and toy shops, you can create your own BIG town, play swaps with friends and build a big collection. Just the sort of thing, right up little monkeys street!
Thanks Magic Box Toys, the monkeys are delighted with their new friends! I'm sure we are going to have lots more fun with them! 


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