Dressing For Lunch or Afternoon Tea With the Girls!

Now that Spring is finally here and the weather is getting better I can feel Afternoon Tea with the girls getting more appealing again. It's a 'little' treat where we can have a natter, catch up with what each of us has been up to and eat delicious finger sandwiches, sip tea and enjoy cake. What's not to love! 
Ultimately I think the lure of the occasional Afternoon Tea date with the girls, keeps me grounded and at the gym regularly, so that I can enjoy some guilty pleasures of the food and drink variety from time to time! 
The other thing about having Afternoon Tea with girlfriends or Lunch even, is what to wear! I do like to make an effort when going out but what to wear?
Dresses are always a good bet. No tight waistband around your middle, stylish and comfortable, they are a welcome change from the usual jeggings or jeans I tend to wear when being Mum or at work! 
I love this pink summer dress from the dress sale. It's from Gap at Zalando and under £35.
Photo credit: Zalando
This style suits my size and shape. It feels flattering and feminine. I also love this Jack Wills dress! Ideal for an outing with the girls.
Photo Credit: Jack Wills
Perhaps a little too short for me though! Definitely not for wearing around the monkeys! They would soon catch the lace with something. This one is also under £35! 
Of course no dress would look right without the perfect shoes or bag. Two more things that make this Mumma happy. 
I'm not a fan of heels. Largely because I can't actually walk in them! I quite like the pumps look with dresses.
These Navy converse are lovely. Of course they wouldn't go with the black dress but you get the idea! Perhaps they could be worn with navy chino's and a striped top.
Photo Credit: Zalando
Super comfy, they are much more my style. If something more dressy is required I like to wear wedge sandals. A versatile bag is of course a must! Something that holds the essentials and that goes with many different outfits.
Ultimately my friends just happy we can all get together now and again, and what we wear is just personal preference but if you can't make an effort for lunch or Afternoon Tea with the girls, then when can you! 

Via Love the Sales

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