Mother's Day Dinner on Charlie Bingham's!

Hubby and discovered Charlie Bingham's meals on Valentine's Day. We'd bought two meals (although one is perfect for sharing), some wine and deserts to enjoy a quiet meal in together! The meal was delicious.
Imagine my delight when, for Mother's Day I was sent vouchers from Charlie Bingham's to chose another two meals. How lovely.
Hubby exchanged the vouchers for two meals. He chose Fish Pie and Spanish Chicken with Roasted Potatoes. Meals for two, we had one each.....just because we're little piggies! But we did eat together, in peace, with a glass of wine each and spent quality time eating two delicious meals.
UK based, Charlie Bingham's are from London and use the finest ingredients to make delicious meals, perfect for two. 
We're fan's of quality ready meals here, as hubby often works late or we eat at different times. Ready meals are therefore often quicker to pop into the oven or ping in the microwave at 21.30! Who wants to cook at that time of night.
There are many to chose from and they even do pies! The Fish pie was absolutely gorgeous......tasty succulent salmon, cod and smoked haddock in a parsley sauce with mashed potato and a cheese and breadcrumb topping. Such good comfort food! 
Hubby said the Spanish Chicken with Roasted Potatoes was just as delicious (even though I did slightly overcook the chicken. Whoops! 
The meals are cooked in their wooden trays (which are designed for the oven) and can be eaten straight from the trays alone or plated up with seasonal veg or salad.
If you fancy a night of no cooking except for popping a delicious meal into the oven then do give Charlie Bingham's a try! Available from most major supermarkets! 

Thanks so much, we loved my Mother's Day treat! 

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