FreshX Toilet Tissue Spritz

We're big users of wipes here. I carry a packet around with me when we're out with the monkeys and use them to mop up spills, food off their clothing, grubby hands and faces. We also often keep a supply of flushable toilet wipes on top of the loo for the monkeys to use. We use far too many which does worry me at times. I mean, they're not good for the environment are they! We can't flush the the non flushable wipes and they fill up the bin a treat!

This is why I was keen to hear more about Fresh X Toilet Tissue Spritz. 
FreshX ‘Toilet tissue Spritz’ is a new generation of environmental friendly personal care products being launched as the alternative to ‘flushable wipes’.

Available in two formula's - Aloe Fresh & Fragrance Free. They have the benefits of botanics and vitamins. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and free from oil, alcohol and parabens. 

The new environmentally friendly freshX Toilet Tissue Spritz simply transforms toilet tissue with a quick spritz into a moist, soothing, cleansing wipe with the additional benefits of skin loving ingredients such as Aloe Vera, White tea, Cucumber and vitamins E, B5. Dead easy to spray onto your usual toilet tissue.

Over one billion so called ‘flushable’ wipes containing plastics were sold in the UK last year but unlike toilet tissue they don’t break down easily when flushed and create untold damage to our drains and block the sewers (costing the water companies over £88million a year) and when they eventually reach the ocean are causing havoc with marine life and littering our beaches. 
FreshX ‘Aloe Fresh’ and ‘Fragrance Free’ is great for all the family and is available both online and nationwide in Sainsbury's stores.

150ml bottle (equivalent of 300 wipes). Recommended retail price £3.50. 

We're looking forward to giving it a go and seeing if this will work for us instead of the wipes we get through! 

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