Starting to Think About Turning Fifty!

In a few months time I shall be 46! Unbelievable I know. This means that I'm starting to think about one or two things around turning 50. I know it's a little way off, but do I have a party? Just celebrate with a family meal? Have a few different mini celebrations with friends and family? Or something different! 
Right now I'm thinking I'd like a party! I've not had a party since my 30th Birthday. I'm leaning towards a mid afternoon one, meaning children will be invited too. Maybe at one of the local Golf Clubs, with lots of Prosecco and yummy food. We'll see.

I've also been thinking about what I'd like to achieve before I'm 50. I'm not really big on bucket lists but there are a few things I've always wanted to do.

I've always wanted to go in a helicopter. I really don't mind where. Obviously somewhere like the Grand Canyon or New York would be amazing, but somewhere in the UK would be good too. Friends have mentioned a couple of companies in the UK which offer helicopter flights. I'm sure a helicopter flight would be exhilarating and give me such a buzz. So too would a wing walk! Though I'm not too certain I actually have the guts to go through with that 'wish'! I've seen it on TV in the past and always thought it would be awesome though. I certainly DO NOT ever want to do a skydive. Hubby has done two tandem skydives and to be honest, watching him do the last one, was awesome but I'd never have the guts to do it myself. I think I'd need pushing out of the plane, kicking and screaming! It seems silly that I'd like to do a wing walk but I think that would be safer (and fun)!
Photo Credit:Flydays
I'd love to go on a Hot Air Balloon flight and would ideally like to take both my parents on that with me. It's something they too would like to do.

I would love to go to San Francisco. Not specifically by the time I'm 50, but that could be a goal perhaps! I can't tell you why I'd like to go there. I just would. Maybe whilst there I could have that helicopter flight! Another place I've always wanted to go to is The Maldives. It just looks absolutely idyllic. I'll put that trip on the 'Things to do before I'm 50' list but I think it may be more than 4yrs away though to be honest. I'm more likely to go to Skegness!  

I can see myself celebrating my 50th at The Ritz! Afternoon tea there would be just my thing. Maybe a bit of shopping first or even a Spa, then cucumber sandwiches, tea and cake. I almost cannot wait until I turn 50! 
I need to think of more realistic things I can add to the list, but we can all have dreams and wishes can't we. Some more achievable than others. I shall keep you posted if any of these 'dreams' come true.

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