4 Toys that Every Kid Wants in 2017

As a parent, it can be hard to know what to buy your kids with the extensive selection of toys currently available. Worry not, as we have taken the time to research and present the four most popular toy brands at the moment, based on customer feedback and sales. If you are struggling on some cool ideas for gifts for your child, be sure to check out our list of the top 4 toy brands every kid is talking about in 2017:

1. Minions Toys
If you don’t know who the Minions are, then you are clearly missing a lot of fun. Ever since these lovable yellow characters in blue denim and mono or bi-ocular spectacles captured the imagination of kids and adults alike in 2010, it has developed a cult following. Minions toys range from adorable plush stuffed Minions to kiddie gadgets and gizmos. Even puzzles, board games, and building and construction play sets have been invaded by these delightful characters. Every Minion toys come with a unique take of the character that they represent. For instance, most musical toys that feature the Minions will often feature Stuart because he is well-known for playing the ukulele. Of course, there’s Dave, Bob, Kevin, and the rest of the gang. Minions toys can definitely bring happiness to any child. You can view a whole range of the top Minion toys from this list by MyKidNeedsThat.com

2. Shopkins
Designed after ordinary things or items that we see in the grocery store or the shopping mall, Shopkins is a brand of toy that has been making waves among young children very eager to collect miniaturised versions of everyday things. For instance, there are vegetables and fruits, meats and dairy products, and baked goodies and other delectable treats all designed no bigger than your thumb. There are also representations of electronic and musical objects. Each toy is designed with a very happy face intended to project a friendly personality which children can easily pick up.

3. PAW Patrol
When PAW Patrol was designed for television, little did they know that it will become a very huge success. It follows the story of Ryder and his team of rescue dogs who perform a variety of amazing feats for the residents of Adventure Bay. The really fascinating thing about the PAW Patrol is that the rescue dogs actually represent real-life heroes like firefighters, police officers, construction workers, mountain rescuers, waste management personnel, and even helicopter rescuers. Because of the success of the animated TV show, toys began rolling from the production lines. Most PAW Patrol toys are action figures of the lovable characters of the show including their respective vehicles which are, in reality, their doghouses. Did you know that the PAW Patroller vehicle was listed by Toys “R” Us as its hottest item for the holiday season of 2015 and that the PAW Patrol Air Patroller was predicted by Argos to be the bestseller for Christmas 2016 in the UK? Now, isn’t that a testament to PAW Patrol being a toy every kid wants in 2017? 

There's a Paw Patroller there somewhere!

4. Batman
Among the DC heroes kids have a very special affinity to Batman perhaps because they can see how perseverance and dedication can enable someone to possess extra-human abilities and help society in general. That’s why Batman toys continue to enjoy unrivalled popularity among children especially those who collect action figures. There are also Batman toys that are classified as ride-on toys, building play sets, board games, puzzles, and even dress-up costumes. Whatever the type of toy is, you can bet that there’s bound to be the iconic logo of the Batman or even his signature pointed features like the ears and wings. Truly, it’s one of those toys that kids never really grow tired of playing because of all the action these promise.

These 4 toys are just some of the many that kids want in 2017. But there’s a special reason why these 4 are very popular: they aid children to make better sense of their world.

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