Exploring Europe's Best Secret Getaways

When looking for unusual, unexplored destinations for an upcoming trip, there are quite a few places around Europe that would be a pretty safe bet. With all the various cultures, capitals, and landscapes, travelling to Europe will certainly – no matter where you go really – be a trip to remember. Every season has its place, and every city has something special to offer depending on the time of the year you choose to travel. Whether that be the Christmas markets in Vienna, Monaco’s Springfest, or Italy’s beaches in the summer, Europe has your back. Nonetheless, if you’re still unsure about where to go, here are five potentially interesting and hopefully uncharted destinations to pick from.

Maastricht, The Netherlands: A fun and lively country, the Netherlands has lots of activities and is extremely well organised for incoming travellers. Maastricht is one of oldest Dutch cities, and is surrounded by its unique countryside and castles. With a large university, Maastricht boasts a lively and outgoing community, so if you’re young and are backpacking through Europe, you’ll feel right at home. Make sure you visit one of the many art galleries, take a trip to one of the many vineyards, and ride a bike through the town.

Cefalu, Italy: With an enormous historical heritage, your Sicilian trip can easily be divided between the educational and the entertaining aspects – i.e. between, for instance, visiting ancient ruins and going scuba diving in the crystal blue waters. Make sure though that your appetite is also ready and set to go, because you’re in Italy – a place where meals are a very important part of the day. When it comes to food, with its multitude of typical dishes and desserts, Sicily really has it all. And because it's sea will most likely lure you to it everyday anyway, you and your travelling companion (or family) could even find a beachfront villa to rent, in case the principal focus of this trip to Sicily lies more on having a unique, private experience.

Provence, France: If you’re looking for a picturesque getaway, visiting Provence will do the trick. With infinite fields of lavender, and the famous Gothic castle “Palais des Papes” (the papal residency during the 14th century), there is little room for disappointment. Among the fields and castles, Provence is the largest city in the Marseille region whose people are known to be very extroverted and sociable.
Rothenburg, Germany: Brimming with medieval charm, Rothenburg has this strange effect on people of having you feel like you went back in time. This is most likely a consequence of Renaissance’s influence. In fact, Rothenburg is known for being one of the stops on the famous “Romantic Road”; a journey through Europe extending over 350km, showing its travellers scenic landscapes and charming towns. Rothenburg is a holiday destination for those looking for a timeless experience, an easy-going culture and a number of wonders of architecture.

Bohinj, Slovenia: If, on the other hand, an adventurous destination is more something you’re looking for, Bohinj would be the place. Encompassing twenty-four different towns, the Bohinj valley situates a beautiful lake in its centre, surrounded by the Alps both of which in combination make it the destination for the outdoorsy type. Thanks to its spectacular landscape, and well-organised outdoor activities like kayaking or hiking, the Bohinj valley and its many surrounding towns welcome anyone with adventurous and outgoing psycho graphic characteristics.

With so many wonders and destinations, travelling through Europe is a once in a lifetime experience. Due to its historic nature and diverse cultures, quite literally any destination will enrich you for another perception, another unseen experience.

Guest post by Mary D 


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