8 Ways To Spot A Fake Designer Dress

With a relative getting ready to go to her school leavers Prom, she has been busy searching for the perfect dress (and it really is perfect too) but when it comes to picking out designer clothing, especially for a prom, you want the best, don’t you?

Sadly, there are too many original-looking fakes on the market and it can be pretty hard to tell whether or not you are getting the real deal. So, before you pick your designer dress, use the below tips to make sure you are buying an authentic label like this Sherri Hill prom dresses available at Peaches Boutique.
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Always Read Labels
This is a top tip and one you need to be aware of – fake products usually have labels with poor spelling, whereas the real designer items' labels are always spelt properly.

Do Some Pricing Homework
Before you go shopping, do a little homework on dress prices. Go online and then head in store to check out price tags and determine if the price is within the same range you found during your homework. If the dress is priced a lot lower than you expected it to be, it’s probably a fake.

Look at the Stitching
Next, take a close look at a dress’s stitching. Fake items almost always have low quality stitch work. Look at the hems and seams to determine whether or not the stitches are clean, which will indicate whether or not the item is authentic.

Look at Tags and Fabrics
High-end clothing, such as Sherri Hill prom dresses available at Peaches Boutique, will actually feel expensive. Take a look at the tags in the garment to see which fabrics have been used and where the dress was made. Most designer dresses are made either in Europe or the U.S.

Watch Out for Acronyms
If you see the acronym, BNWT, or Brand New with Tags, on “designer” items, chances are the items are fake.

Take Note of Feedback
Check online for feedback about a seller and if you find a number of comments suggesting that they sell fake items or the seller always has the same sort of merchandise, it’s time to move on.

Smaller Names May Be Safer
Sometimes, it’s safer to buy smaller designer labels than the bigger international designer names. If you ever travel somewhere like the Far East or India, take a look at the hundreds of market stalls and you’ll find designer fakes of pretty much everything. These are usually the more recognisable, big names such as Versace, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Stone Island, Armani, and more.

Don’t Just Accept the Description
If you are shopping online, take note that not all seller’s descriptions are always honest. Comments such as “100% genuine” are usually a red-flag for fake dresses. Comments like “brand new this season” can also be dishonest. Always shop carefully!

There’s nothing worse than being part of a scam, especially when it comes to fake designer clothing. And, especially when you are shopping for a prom. In fact, do lots of research before you settle on a dress and make sure you spend your money on a well-designed, high-quality dress that will leave you feeling like a Princess and will also last long enough for you to wear again, should the occasion arise.

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