Celebrating 70yrs with Marigold

Did you know that Marigold celebrate 70 years this year?! That's 70 years of yellow rubber gloves and other household products to help you clean, cook and much more!
Since being a young girl my Mum and Nan would have a pair of Marigolds for the washing up! We've a dishwasher now (something they've never had) but oh how I should have followed suit for actually washing up and worn gloves (they come in all colours and sizes!) My hands make me feel old! 
Now, Marigold do much more than yellow rubber gloves, there's scourers, all purpose cloths, microfibre cloths, extra tough outdoor gloves and more for a brighter clean! 

I've thought of 5 cleaning tips that may help those hands and make lighter work! 

  1. Clean little and often to keep on top of it.
  2. Use good quality products which will last longer and give a brighter clean.
  3. Always keep a pair of rubber gloves under the sink, they will always come in handy and save those pinkies! 
  4. Use natural things to clean where possible. White vinegar and lemon are said to be good! 
  5. Get someone else to clean for you! 
Joking aside, trustworthy products that you know are good will help to make lighter work of those household chores. 

Looking at this photo below, I need to get my sink gleaming with that white vinegar or lemon and one of these great Marigold products! 
Happy 70th Birthday Marigold. We salute you! 

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