A Day At Hampton Court Palace Flower Show!

Hubby has been on and on about wanting to go to Hampton Court Palace Flower Show forever! So for his birthday back in March I got him and I tickets. Being RHS members I booked us 2 tickets for the members day (which gave us a discount) and I sorted parking too. Yesterday we visited! What a day it was! 

Having lived in Surrey for only eleven months but working there for five years, I thought I knew the area pretty well. That was ten years ago though and although I recognised lots, I lost my bearings pretty quickly whilst getting there. Good old Google Maps did a grand job of taking us around the houses to avoid the traffic and queues. We had dropped the monkeys at school and got there shortly after 10.30am. Having started half an hour earlier, there were already lots of cars in the car park and many people filtering through the gates.

Now, not only was it our first time at the Flower Show, neither of us had been to Hampton Court Palace before. What a stunning house and beautiful gardens. Worth a visit just for that. 
Bags were glanced at and tickets scanned and then we were free to wander. 

Lots of people doing the same, I heard someone say they had never seen it so busy. I'm not sure what either of us expected but we both said it was great and we would make a return visit. 

21 show gardens, food stalls, garden accessories, gift and craft stands, plant sales, bandstands, greens, picnic areas, a butterfly dome, lake, restaurants, and lots more. 
I had no idea people would take trolleys (but of course they would) So many people were quickly walking round with plants they had purchased. These trolleys did tend to get in the way amongst the crowds but everyone managed.

We took a picnic but only took a few bits of it in with us. Food was a plenty and you could even book afternoon tea, although that was £30 a head. 

Although the sky was overcast at times, it was warm and we did catch some sun. Although very busy it was great taking in all the designs, colours and plants and flowers. Just stunning! That was the word for everything yesterday!

We'll definitely be going back another year.....so beautiful and highly sensory. I took far too many photo's on my phone, but here are some to entice you! Oh and there's Prosecco!

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