Lees Of Scotland - Deserts

Who doesn't love a little food treat from time to time? The good people of Lees of Scotland sure do and they've sent us a selection of fab treats to sample.
We have a tub of 18 bite sized Snowballs - these are 50 calories per snowball. Meringue nests, perfect for adding some fruit and cream to! They are 53 calories per nest. Meringue shells, just 19 calories per shell and new almond flavour Maccaringues, which are gluten and nut free and ready to fill. Just 9 calories each! The Maccaringues are available in Tesco and Morrison stores nationwide and for £2.99.
For testing purposes (I hasten to add) I've sampled the above with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. I can safely say, without doubt they are truly scrumptious! Ideal to add to afternoon tea or as a teatime treat, they are easy to prepare and so delicious.
I have a real sweet tooth, hubby less so.....but these are right up my street! What would you eat them with?

Thanks Lees of Scotland! 


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