Num Noms Series 4!

My best friends daughter is mad about Num Noms, so is delighed the latest series (4) is hitting the shops! There's even a new official magazine.
The new series features scented lip gloss, a scented desert tray with scented perfume and lots more. 
The magazine features a party set and scented stickers.......all right up her street! Even little monkey said he likes Num Noms! 
The Lunch Box - Style 1 (Desert Tray) features:
10 Scented Nums (including one surprise, behind the question mark)
2 Glitter flavoured Lip gloss Noms
Collectors Menu

Flavours include: Orange Crunch and Confetti Cookie, Mint Shake and Sugar Wafer, to name a few! 
The Cookie Starter Pack contains:
3 scented Nums
1 Glitter flavoured Lip gloss Nom
2 Food inspired accessories 
1 Collectors Menu 

Mix and match flavours and collect them all. There's even an app! The desert tray is £16.99 and the cookie starter pack £9.99. Both available from Smyths Toys.


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