Bic Does Star Wars!

The boys have gone back to school today and were very excited with their NEW BIC®Star Wars collaboration stationery! 

Very keen writers and with a love of drawing like their Dad and paternal Grandfather, they are always keen to get new materials to use, these being no exception! Especially excited to use these being Star Wars fans too!

They've been sent Tipex, glue sticks, biro's and a retractable pen.
The Disney Star Wars glue sticks are perfect for that homework where you're expected to take photo's and stick them into an exercise book, highlighting what you've been up to at home! No arguments here as they come as a two pack! £1 per pack they are

The boys have yet to use tipex (neither yet has their pen license) but I've assured them it's a Godsend! With it being a mini pocket mouse, I think I may even use it! It's odourless and PVC free so it is safe for use by children and dries immediately. £1.99

The four pack of biro's will certainly come in handy for them to use and us too! We're always going into the kitchen draw to get a pen and find the monkeys have 'borrowed' them......they're like socks! Theyalways goes missing! £1.99 for a pack of four!

They like the Star Wars 4 colours retractable ball pen most! I think big monkey has claimed it as his! Poor little monkey. The medium width 4COLOURS® ball pen is refillable and includes four retractable ink colours in black, blue, red and green. RRP £2.99

All available from all good supermarkets and stationery outlets.
Thanks, Bic.....this will keep them happy for a while! 


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