Gtech City eBike - Review

You may remember we've worked with Gtech a bit in the past. I've reviewed their Gtech Multi plus car kit and the Gtech AirRam Mk 2. Both fantastic products and still very much used all the time. 

Before the summer holidays I was offered the Gtech City ebike to review.....a fantastic opportunity and with dodgy knees, a great way to see if using an electric bike is the way forward for me. I'm keen to exercise and carry on keeping fit, but often my knees dictate what I can and cannot do! Long bike rides (which I love) were beginning to take their toll.
There are three Gtech ebikes - The City, Sport and eScent.

In my opinion the City is a woman's bike. Smaller and without the cross bar, it's the ideal size for someone short like me. Being only 5' tall I do have the seat on it's lowest setting. 
What's in the box?
  1. Handlebars
  2. Frame
  3. Saddle
  4. Front Wheel
  5. 4 Handlebar Screws
  6. Handlebar Plate
  7. Battery
  8. Charger
  9. Power Cable
  10. 2 Battery keys
  11. Gtech Tool
  12. Pedals
  13. Quick Release Lever
  14. Touch Up Paint
  15. Reflectors
  16. Assembly Tools
The box that it all comes in was pretty big but everything was packed really well and hubby said the bike was easy to assemble (by his own admission, he isn't the greatest at assembling things). The instruction manual is detailed with words and photo's.....always a bonus. Personally I left that bit to hubby and he just adjusted the seat height and handle bars once the bike was built. Available to buy separately are Mud Guards, Front and Rear Lights, Safety Helmet, Kickstand & Spare Battery. I've been sent all those accessories minus the spare battery.
Selling points
This bike is bright white, so is highly visible on the road. It comes with a 14 day free trial, free assembly for those that want it and free delivery. With pedal assist and an inbuilt computer (hidden in the battery pack holder) the bike continuously measures your pedalling and assists with a boost of power when needed, usually when you may change gear. This particular model does not have any gears. Taking you up to a speed of 15mph, you can really feel the assisted power kick in, even as soon as you pull off. 
There is a 36v high torque motor cleverly incorporated into the rear wheel. With two cruising speeds, adjusted with a touch of the on/off button on the battery. The battery cleverly sits on the frame and looks remarkably like a water bottle! It houses the latest Lithium-ion battery, the same used on electric cars and has an easy to read LED display which indicates the remaining battery power. Remove the battery from the frame for charging. A mains charger is supplied, which fully recharges the battery from flat in just 3 hours. 
The bike has Hybrid tyres, ideal for the type of cycling I do. The frame is made from Aviation grade aluminium which means the bike weighs just 16kgs. It's rust resistant and built to last.

As mentioned above I was sent all the available ebike accessories minus the spare battery.
The front and rear ebike lights are encased in aluminium and give a strong output of light for riding after dark. The rear one should be fitted to the seat tube but seeing as my seat is on it's lowest setting we fitted the rear light to the seat tube. Easy to switch on and off, you push the bottom of the light on and off. The front one is attached to the handle bars.

The Set of mud guards perfectly protect you from mud and water spraying up when riding in wet conditions. I can say that with them fitted, I've arrived home without a mud splashed back, which is certainly a bonus! 

The ebike helmet is white and lightweight. It's easily adjusted for a comfortable but snug fit and features shaped vents for good airflow as you cycle. It has an aerodynamic design and inner padding for extra super comfort. It's perfectly suitable to protect your head when cycling. Something I always insist on wearing when cycling.
The kickstand is a welcome addition to the bike. It means I can leave the bike standing when I have to stop and get off and help the monkeys, without having to lean the bike against something or lay it flat on the ground. Therefore protecting the bike. I love using it.
How the Gtech Bike Works

To switch the bike on, fully charge the battery first and then switch it on. This is very easy to do using the on/off button on the battery pack and then you're set to go. You can of course ride the bike without the battery switched on. The battery pack is super easy to remove for charging, just tilt the handle towards you and it comes away from the holder. The charger is attached to the battery via the charging cable which is plugged into the battery via the rubber cover charging point as pictured above.
My thoughts 
As soon as the bike is built you can see how well it is made and how cool the technology is within it. It's bright, with the usual Gtech Logo colour accents all over it. Easily recognisable as a Gtech product. So much so, it was the talk of the playground amongst the Dad's when I was walking out of the the playground ready to ride it a few weeks ago. They could be heard talking about it's carbon drive belt! The ride is very smooth thanks to the carbon drive belt and there are no greasy legs or clothing after riding! 
Once you're on the move and just after you've rode off you can feel the power assist kick in and 'propel' you forward. You can also hear the assisted power working. I adore this bike....the monekys not so much as they struggle to keep up with me. Pedalling is smooth and worry free on this fabulous bit of kit. The battery is easy to switch on and off and if you have electricity, you can even charge the battery in-situ. The two power modes on the battery are easy to see. In high power mode the LED lights shine steadily and when in low power mode they pulsate. Just toggle between the two for the setting you wish to use. You can REALLY feel the power when it kicks in! I LOVE it! To turn the power off just press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. If you do forget to switch it off (which I have done), the battery will switch itself off after 11 minutes. Each battery phase gives you about 7 miles of riding before the LED's flash red to warn you it needs recharging. I would say riding with the battery on high for the 9 mile ride my friend and I frequently do, I can get 2 x 9 mile rides out of the fully charged battery and for this reason I would recommend purchasing a spare battery. I particularly love that the battery looks like a water bottle sat on the frame. 
You can of course ride this bike without the power assist switched on but believe me you can really tell the difference when you do! Personally with its smooth pedalling and power assist (which helps the strain on my knees no end) I would always opt to use it with the power assist switched on.
I really cannot recommend this bike enough and only wish they did the eScent with a smaller frame for us shorties. I think the addition of gears would mean that I could go miles and miles on the Gtech ebike. An average ride now, takes me about 9 miles but if I had a spare battery and/or the eScent I could see me riding 30 miles plus regularly. The City is perfect for town riding, trips to the shops or for shorter road cycling like the rides my best friend and I do 2-3 times weekly. It handles the hills brilliantly and gives you a steady 15 mph (or more if you cycle hard with the power on or off). The comfort seat is supper comfy (although my derrière is used to being sat on a saddle with Spinning featuring heavily in my exercise routine). The handle bars are ergonomically shaped for comfort and it's simply a pleasure to ride. I would use it every day if I could. It's by far the best bike I've owned and my knees are very grateful indeed. No strain on them being overworked with manual gears, riding this bike! 
I would say the £995 price tag perfectly matches the workmanship, technology and robustness of this bike. It's certainly built to last. Of course the price does go up if you add the accessories.

Here's a short video of the bike in use. I've tried to capture the sound when the power boost kicks in but it's quite hard to hear.

Gtech City ebike £995

Optional extras
Spare battery pack £299
Front and rear ebike lights £29.95
Set of mud guards £29.95
ebike helmet £29.95
kickstand £9.95

Any Dislikes?
I honestly cannot think of one to be honest. My plan is to try the bike riding up a hill close to us which is long and steep. It's an 82 metre climb which I haven't mangaed to do yet on my normal hybrid bike. I shall be majorly impressed if I get up it on the City ebike. I'm pretty hopeful is doable and I know my knees can withstand the hill with the help of the power assist the City bike offers.
There's even after care and assistance for any issues/help required. The bike comes with an automatic two year warranty. T&C's do apply. 

I was sent the Gtech City ebike for the purpose of this post with huge thanks to Gtech. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
We're going on an adventure




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