Our Summer 17

The monkeys have gone back to school and despite it being good to get back into a routine, I'm sad they've returned. The school is great and they love it. They love being with their friends but we had such a great six weeks! 

The first week was taken up with work, Play in the Park, which is a free service run by the local council and packing for our holiday. It's was quite nice to chill, take our time getting up and out in the mornings and of course the monkeys generally still saw their friends around. The weather was up and down but we had fun.
Our second week of the holiday's was spent in Cornwall. We loved it and are still debating whether to go back next year or try somewhere new! Having a week where all four of us could spend time as a family was so good. No work, no school, no chores, just loads of fun.
Week three and Hubby and I were back at work, we met up with friends and went on day's out. 
Week four, we spent working, taking the monkeys out, bike riding and catching up with friends. We took Nana out for lunch for her birthday and I took the monkeys away to see family, including my baby niece. The monkeys always love seeing her.
Five weeks in and they were keen to chill indoors sometimes. Not even getting dressed until late morning! We managed a few days out too and caught up with my best friend and her daughter. 
The last week off and big monkey had three days at football camp! He won Player of the Camp....woo hoo. We are so chuffed for him. The week ended with another trip away, this time to the South Coast. To see friends and catch up with my parents.....a surprise for the monkeys. I loved it there, just a shame that last day was full of rain.
We got school shoes right at the begining of the holiday's so that we could tick that off the to do list and I got everything out ready for back to school before we went away last week. 

I've loved bike riding lots with the boys, little monkeys swimming and reading has come on even more and he lost his first tooth. The tooth fairy had to visit Nanny and Grandads boat! 

Big monkey has gotten taller and seems more grown up. He can't believe he is now in year 5. 

I'm counting down the weeks until half term now. The only down side to the summer holiday's has been the expense! We're broke.

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