Think Carefully Before Buying These Baby Gifts

When it comes to buying baby gifts, there are some things you just don’t need to get for the mom-to-be. Here are a list of gifts that you should carefully consider.

Baby Shoes
While baby shoes are cute, they are pretty impractical. Not only does the baby not know how to walk, but most baby shoes fit poorly and tend to be uncomfortable.

Infant Socks
They just don’t stay on. Instead, get a few pairs of footed pyjamas to keep feet warm, and when baby gets older, you could always get ordinary socks.

Baby towels are something you really don’t need to buy – babies can use regular adult size towels, unless the parents request baby towels, of course. Baby towels are sometimes too thin and not as absorbent as they need to be.

Baby gowns
Baby gowns tend to ride up the baby’s body, which means mom spends too much time pulling them down again.

Baby Robes
If you do buy baby towels, you may need a robe to help dry baby off. But, they’re not completely necessary.

Baby Bibs
Bibs aim to prevent spillage onto baby’s clothes – but they only cover a small area, so they’re not always as helpful as they need to be.

Baby Hairbrush
Baby’s don’t have a great deal of hair to need a hair brush, do they? A regular hairbrush can work just as well, or rather, a thin comb.

Wipes Warmer
Within a few seconds of removing a wipe from its warmer, it cools right down. Babies don’t really need semi-warm wipes, and these warmers just tend to take up space.

Pacifier Wipes
Are they really necessary when mom will be inundated with baby wipes?

The Bumbo
There are plenty of babies around that loved the bumbo and spent hours sitting up in it, but not all kids do. And often, a baby’s thighs are too big to fit in it. Rather, choose something along the lines of a Rock n’ Play.

A Bouncy Seat
A bouncy seat can give mom a few minutes of freedom at a time when she needs to go to the bathroom, do her hair, or cook dinner. But, talk to mom before buying one and see if she has the space for it. If there’s no space available in their home for a bouncy seat, you can give her items she may need. There are baby hampers you can purchase online that include several items that moms really need. 

A Crib Bedding Set
This isn’t that necessary – these sets can be costly, and bumpers tend to be a choking hazard. Instead, choose a lovely crib sheet that is soft and simply works better in the crib.

A Baby Tub
Different moms have different tastes and requirements, so be sure to find out what type of tub she would prefer before you buy one. Often, baby tubs are bulky and take up too much space in the bathroom.

A Diaper Genie
Many moms seem to think this just isn’t worth it. Find out before you buy!

Those are some of the gifts that you need to consider carefully. Talk to the mom-to-be and find out what other things she may need.


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