Alternative Wedding Ideas

When you’re planning a wedding it’s not always easy to steer away from “the norm”. While many people enjoy a traditional wedding, others may prefer a more madcap approach! But what about those in-between? 

You may want the traditional wedding ceremony and reception party, but don’t want to fall too far into the “traditional” trap. Luckily there are many different ways you can make your wedding reception stand out from the others, and these don’t have to add thousands onto your wedding budget either. 

A Hog Roast
Yes, that’s right. When the initial meal and speeches have been done and guests prepare to dance the night away, traditionally, a buffet is presented. But did you know there are other alternatives to soggy sausage rolls and room temperature quiche? A hog roast always goes down a treat with your hungry guests, especially those that have just arrived for the reception. Companies like hogroastmachines.co.uk offer a wide range of hire options that’ll make the perfect addition to any wedding party!
Often cheaper than a buffet through a high-end catering company, it’s also a cleaner and tidier option. 

Of course, a wedding goes hand in hand with a talented photographer; someone who’ll capture every moment of your special day on film. But have you considered hiring an artist to add another dimension to your wedding mementos? A caricaturist or someone with a flair for portraits can create take-home gifts for your guests as well as more memories for the bride and groom. 

A guest box
Traditionally at a wedding, guests can write their best wishes for the happy couple inside a beautifully decorated book that the bride and groom will keep forever. But have you considered a more digital alternative? A guest box is a tent that’s set up in a quieter area of your reception that’s got a camera rolling. Guests can come in and record their message for the bride and groom and make it even more personal.
This can then be kept forever and watched back whenever the recipients please agreed Katie from orlajames.com “this is a fantastic and unique idea, and makes the wedding more fun for all the guests.”

A cheese wedding cake
It’s true that everyone loves cake. But some people just love cheese more! Although a tiered fruit cake adorned with two mini sculptures of the bride and groom is the norm at a wedding – there’s nothing wrong with making your wedding all about what you and your partner love, in this case: cheese!
Many cheese artisans specialise in this type of wedding “cake”, you can customise which cheeses you’d like as well as how many tiers you think you can get through! 

Snacks & Cart Bars
You don’t have to splash out on an expensive buffet that probably wont get eaten. Why not try hiring a cart full of tasty treats? Whether it’s a cart full of pick ‘n’ mix sweets, candy floss, elaborate cupcakes, hot chocolate or even ice-cream – the possibilities are endless! The great thing about snack and cart bars is that they can be decorated to accentuate the theme of your wedding! 

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