The Original 3x3 Rubik’s Cube

As you may remember we're working with John Adams and Rubik's on their blogger club. Something I knew the monkeys would love as they've taken a keen interest in playing with the puzzles before. 

The UK Speedcubing Championships are set to take place this October between 26th-29th which means lots of Rubik's activity will be taking place! 

To help celebrate this we have been sent the classic 3x3 cube......something I myself used to play with when younger! I could never solve them. 

Big monkey likes to challenge himself but he too has never solved one completely. With this one, you can't even take the coloured stickers off, as there are none!
As you can see by the fist pump, big monkey is delighted with his new design 3x3 cube. He immediately ripped through the packaging to start playing! 
Aimed at players aged 8+, its the Worlds best selling puzzle which can be solved in under 10 seconds! Dimensions are: 5.5L X 5.5W X 5.5H cm. RRP £9.99.
Have you ever sold one without cheating? How long did it take? Do leave me a comment and let me know! 

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