Tubchairs - Review. Artemis Grey Fabric Tub Chair!

When we had an extra room added to the house by way of a loft extension, we got an armchair to use in there. My thinking was a little haven, with TV, comfy chair and of course the usual stuff a main bedroom has. Somewhere we could escape for peace and quiet occasionally.

In reality, the chair was barely used to sit and watch TV, it was used as somewhere to dump clothes and then this year, we decided to move it to the lounge! My beloved chair has now been jumped on, argued over (the kids, not us) and it's not looking quite as regal as it did. 

Of course that did leave a gap in the bedroom! I was thinking of getting another chair, but again this idea was scuppered by an ever overflowing wardrobe and the need to get a hanging rail, which went where the chair had been.

I will get that chair back in our room and it will be used as intended. So when I was asked if I'd like to review a tub chair from Sloane and Son's I happily accepted.

Sadly it's also in the lounge, with the other chair, but as soon as I've sorted our bedroom, one of them will be going up there! 
The Artemis Grey Fabric Tub Chair (was £195, now £124.99) is available with free next day delivery. 

The dark grey fabric works perfectly with our colour scheme (in either room) and comes with a wooden frame and wooden legs, which need to be screwed on when delivered. 
Delivery was straightforward and the chair arrived boxed, tightly covered in thick polythene. 

Too big for myself to unpack, I waited for hubby to give me a hand. Dressed with one of my favorite cushions. I think it looks great, don't you!
The comfort of the chair is pretty superb. Firm but cosy, I often find one of the monkey curled up on it. The back is high enough to be supportive but with sloping arms, you can relax in it too. 

Very robust and well made. The Artemis Fabric Tub Chair also comes in Silver, Duck Egg and Red. Overall dimensions: H 76cm, W 79cm, D 71cm. Seat height 43cm.
All three other colours look really good too but I chose this colour specifically to match our bedroom scheme and luckily it fits well with the colours in the lounge too. 

We're really pleased with it, as are the monkeys! Any negatives? Not that we have come across yet.

We were sent this chair for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


British History Timeline - Review Board Game Blogger!

As Board Game Bloggers we were recently sent the British History Timeline Game from Esdevium Games. For players from aged 8+, I was worried our youngest who is 6, would not be able to join in the fun. How wrong was I! 

For 2-8 players, this game is all about knowledge of the subject and lots of guess work otherwise! It's perfect for on the go and for taking away, as it comes in it's own tin and is lightweight and portable.. The tin contains 110 British History themed cards, double sided, each one with a caption and photo on. Plus the timeline year printed on the reverse.
The aim of the game is to be the only player with no more cards left in front of you. How much about British History do you know?
We set about taking it in turns to see who, in this house knows their British History and we had lots of fun! Little monkey made more guesses than the rest of us but he did get some right. I was surprised by how well big monkey did and the game, bought up lots of memories and points of discussion during play! This is one game, the monkeys played without actually cheating!
To play, players need to shuffle the cards, ensuring the date side of the cards are facing down. Each player has four cards, the rest are placed in a pile in the middle and one card from the top of the pack is turned over to begin the Timeline. The youngest player starts, (always a winning rule in this house) and then they read their 1st card and decide where to place it in the Timeline. The card should then be turned over to see if they have placed it correctly in the Timeline. If so, it's left date side up and if not, the card is placed back in the box. Then the player takes a new card from the pile in the middle to add to their 'hand'. Play continues clockwise until the last person has no more cards in front of them.
We like this a lot! It's fun, gets everyone talking and discussing and helps boost learning and knowledge for the monkeys! There was much excitement when the 9 year old remembered when the London Olympics was and placed his card correctly in the Timeline. 

You can buy Timeline for £13.99 from John Lewis. I highly recommend it and the other Timeline games available. 

We were sent this game to review as Board Game Bloggers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



Justice League - itty bittys & Us!

To celebrate the all new Justice League film, Hallmark have launched their very own itty bittys Superhero gang! They are super cute. Let me introduce to you - The Flash, Batman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Superman and Wonder Woman! We've kindly been sent the entire itty bittys Justice League set.
We've also been tasked with creating our very own family superhero logo, to prove we are #strongertogther - Something we feel shapes us as a family! We ARE strong together.
The goodies sent include everything needed to create our logo, which the monkeys thoroughly delved into with excitement and gusto!
First hubby and the boys came up with some logo designs on paper and this one below got the majority vote!
Then we set to work putting the design into production for the boys superhero capes! Drawing the badge, cutting and sticking ensued. 
The boys tried on their masks for size and posed with their best 'Superhero' looks! 
Ha ha, I'm not sure they'll reassure people they will save the world with those poses! Once the Logos were designed it was time to attach them to the capes! 
Meet Little monkey (aka Jet Boy) and Big monkey (aka Bullet Boy)! We'll stand together and be #strongtogether come rain or shine! 
We always work as a team, bringing different attributes to the family and function best as one unit. Little monkey is a little pocket rocket and big monkey a bullet! 

Justice League is out in Cinema's this Friday! You can get the itty bittys Justice League collection in Hallmark now. Incidently, little monkey pointed out JL is also his intials.

We were kindly sent these goodies from Hallmark for the purpose of this post.


Ready Brek & DespicableME 3

How many of you love a good heart warming breakfast on a cold winters morning AND a good movie? 
We've been starting the day off with a bowl of Ready Brek and treating ourselves to some quality family time, watching the latest DespicableME 3 movie, now out in time for Christmas on DVD and Blu-Ray. 
We loved the film when we watched it at the Cinema and have been laughing at the bits we'd forgotten about, whilst watching the DVD. The monkeys even watched it in the car on the way to see family at the weekend. 
Ready Brek are selling their family favourite breakfast with special DM3 packs right now for £2 and there are DM3 prizes to be won on these special packets. 
It's ideal as a first breakfast for babies from age 6 months + and can be great way of introducing berries and fruits with natural sugars to small children. From all good supermarkets, Ready Brek comes in Original or Chocolate and is also available in boxes of individual sachets. Containing Calcium for healthy bones and teeth, Vitamin D and Oat Fibre for healthy digestion. With no added sugar.

We love honey or golden syrup best on ours!

To celebrate the latest DM3 film release on DVD and Blu-Ray, there are lots of great toys available - This Mineez Minion Collector's Tin being one of them! With 40+ Mineez figures to collect, our collection has begun with Clive the Robot and Masher Minion! 
Series 1, comes with a collector's guide and 2 figures in a Minion shaped tin to store them in. From around £12 from all good 

Collaborative post.


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