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As Board Game Bloggers we were recently sent the British History Timeline Game from Esdevium Games. For players from aged 8+, I was worried our youngest who is 6, would not be able to join in the fun. How wrong was I! 

For 2-8 players, this game is all about knowledge of the subject and lots of guess work otherwise! It's perfect for on the go and for taking away, as it comes in it's own tin and is lightweight and portable.. The tin contains 110 British History themed cards, double sided, each one with a caption and photo on. Plus the timeline year printed on the reverse.
The aim of the game is to be the only player with no more cards left in front of you. How much about British History do you know?
We set about taking it in turns to see who, in this house knows their British History and we had lots of fun! Little monkey made more guesses than the rest of us but he did get some right. I was surprised by how well big monkey did and the game, bought up lots of memories and points of discussion during play! This is one game, the monkeys played without actually cheating!
To play, players need to shuffle the cards, ensuring the date side of the cards are facing down. Each player has four cards, the rest are placed in a pile in the middle and one card from the top of the pack is turned over to begin the Timeline. The youngest player starts, (always a winning rule in this house) and then they read their 1st card and decide where to place it in the Timeline. The card should then be turned over to see if they have placed it correctly in the Timeline. If so, it's left date side up and if not, the card is placed back in the box. Then the player takes a new card from the pile in the middle to add to their 'hand'. Play continues clockwise until the last person has no more cards in front of them.
We like this a lot! It's fun, gets everyone talking and discussing and helps boost learning and knowledge for the monkeys! There was much excitement when the 9 year old remembered when the London Olympics was and placed his card correctly in the Timeline. 

You can buy Timeline for £13.99 from John Lewis. I highly recommend it and the other Timeline games available. 

We were sent this game to review as Board Game Bloggers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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