Creating a New Logo with Logojoy! - Review

I've had my blog logo for sometime now and love it but I wanted to see what else is out there! I've recently been playing on a logo building website from the US, which helps you to create a Logo from the information you provide.

The website is easy to follow with simple step by step instructions to create your Logo and then tweek it until you are ready to purchase it and use it as you wish.

To start, you need to type the name that you want to create a logo for. Of course mine is My Monkeys Don't Sit Still. 

Then select five or more logo designs you like the look of (for inspiration), from the selection on the screen in front of you. 

Choose the colour swatches you want to work with - any number is good! 

If you wish, you can create a slogan for your logo and add symbols too.

Then it's time to select your favourite logo from the selection that is generated from the choices you've made! 

Whilst making your selection, you can preview more until you've found one you want to tweek and edit. Just scroll along and click on the one you like best. 
Once you've got this far, you're now ready edit the fonts, colour, the layout and symbols for your logo. You can play around with shades of colour to specific parts of the logo, all text and of course the background etc. This is the fun bit! Edit text size, layout and different components of the logo until you are happy, or just leave as is.

I found at least two designs I really liked but the problem I had is that if I typed the blog name with the apostrophe in, it either added another in the same place or put one in where I don't have one. I couldn't see a way around this, except to not add any (thinking it might put one in automatically) but it didn't. 
I did decide on one final logo (without apostrophe), which worries me a little and I went through to purchase it. For the purpose of this post I was given a code to cover the cost of it.
Logojoy have three payment packages: basic is $20, premium $65 and enterprise $165. Each offering different levels of quality of download, assistance, download options etc. There are also add on's you can choose but I don't require those. They are: A social media kit for an extra $9 and senior designer time for another $100.
I found the whole experience really easy, fun and pretty quick. The cost (in my opinion) is pretty reasonable and apart from the issue with the apostrophe, I didn't have any other issues. 

Would I recommend Logojoy? I think I probably would! If there is a way to use the logo without the missing apostrophe, that would be perfect.

*All thoughts and opinions of this website review are entirely my own. 


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