Justice League - itty bittys & Us!

To celebrate the all new Justice League film, Hallmark have launched their very own itty bittys Superhero gang! They are super cute. Let me introduce to you - The Flash, Batman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Superman and Wonder Woman! We've kindly been sent the entire itty bittys Justice League set.
We've also been tasked with creating our very own family superhero logo, to prove we are #strongertogther - Something we feel shapes us as a family! We ARE strong together.
The goodies sent include everything needed to create our logo, which the monkeys thoroughly delved into with excitement and gusto!
First hubby and the boys came up with some logo designs on paper and this one below got the majority vote!
Then we set to work putting the design into production for the boys superhero capes! Drawing the badge, cutting and sticking ensued. 
The boys tried on their masks for size and posed with their best 'Superhero' looks! 
Ha ha, I'm not sure they'll reassure people they will save the world with those poses! Once the Logos were designed it was time to attach them to the capes! 
Meet Little monkey (aka Jet Boy) and Big monkey (aka Bullet Boy)! We'll stand together and be #strongtogether come rain or shine! 
We always work as a team, bringing different attributes to the family and function best as one unit. Little monkey is a little pocket rocket and big monkey a bullet! 

Justice League is out in Cinema's this Friday! You can get the itty bittys Justice League collection in Hallmark now. Incidently, little monkey pointed out JL is also his intials.

We were kindly sent these goodies from Hallmark for the purpose of this post.

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