Ready Brek & DespicableME 3

How many of you love a good heart warming breakfast on a cold winters morning AND a good movie? 
We've been starting the day off with a bowl of Ready Brek and treating ourselves to some quality family time, watching the latest DespicableME 3 movie, now out in time for Christmas on DVD and Blu-Ray. 
We loved the film when we watched it at the Cinema and have been laughing at the bits we'd forgotten about, whilst watching the DVD. The monkeys even watched it in the car on the way to see family at the weekend. 
Ready Brek are selling their family favourite breakfast with special DM3 packs right now for £2 and there are DM3 prizes to be won on these special packets. 
It's ideal as a first breakfast for babies from age 6 months + and can be great way of introducing berries and fruits with natural sugars to small children. From all good supermarkets, Ready Brek comes in Original or Chocolate and is also available in boxes of individual sachets. Containing Calcium for healthy bones and teeth, Vitamin D and Oat Fibre for healthy digestion. With no added sugar.

We love honey or golden syrup best on ours!

To celebrate the latest DM3 film release on DVD and Blu-Ray, there are lots of great toys available - This Mineez Minion Collector's Tin being one of them! With 40+ Mineez figures to collect, our collection has begun with Clive the Robot and Masher Minion! 
Series 1, comes with a collector's guide and 2 figures in a Minion shaped tin to store them in. From around £12 from all good 

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