Zuru Shnooks!

Zuru Shnooks (from bubble to best friend) are the latest craze to hit the shops! Bubble packed plush toys that grow (up to 8x in size). Just open, shake and style!
Collect them all. There are six (Shmiley, Shay, Shazam, Shweetly, Shine, Shnuggles) and maybe some more? Meet Shay who always has the courage to be herself.
Each comes with a comb and secret hairbands. Once open, shaken and styled, pop the hairbands in their hair and shnook them all. Not really the monkeys thing (although little monkey was keen to see them grow) but perfect for my best friends daughter (9) and right up her street. Priced at £7.99 each Zuru Shnooks are available from all good supermarkets and toy shops. They are aimed at children aged 3-7yrs.
We were sent two Shnooks for the purpose of this post.

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