Zuru Smashers - NEW!

Boxing Day 2017 sees the release of Zuru Smashers, Series 1. A MAJOR new collectible sports related toy for 4 -12yr olds. We are delighted to have been asked to be some of the first people to get our hands on the new toys. How exciting. Perfect, for our sports mad monkeys! 
Tasked with smashing a Piñata to see what Smashers goodies were inside. Below you'll see our un-edited video of the monkeys smashing the huge sphere and 'unboxing' the Smashers that were inside there. Both monkey's said they loved smashing a Piñata, but in fact, this was there very first time at smashing one!
Smashers is a plastic ball that you have to physically ‘smash’ to get to the sports-themed collectible character inside. The 'shattered' red ball's then double up as a bit of a puzzle, so children can try to put them back into a sphere!

"Throw, smash, surprise, trade and collect."
"Smash the ball and collect them all". There are over 100 sports characters to collect. To see what's inside, just smash, smash, smash! 

With a collectors tin, Smash Bus, single and multipacks, there's something smashing for everyone! Each character promoting teamwork and sports.
Each toy and pack comes with a collectors guide, there's even a collectors app! Can you find the Super Rare Smashers? Or the Game Changers? We now have a fab selection and what's more the Smashers Bus opens out into a football pitch with shoot out and goal! Football is the monkeys favourite sport! 
The monkeys loved smashing the Piñata to see what was inside and were just as excited to see which Smashers they had. There's a great selection for their Collectors Tin and the bus even stores 50 Smashers. You can get them in single packs, 2's or even 8. 
Kids can explore which characters they have, swap them, play footy with the bus football pitch and even try and and rebuild the bright red sphere's. Each Smasher has a Smasher Points value (SP), so collect the most valuable team! 

We are loving these new collectibles.............and are honoured to have been asked to be one of the first to grab them and get smashing! 

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Stocking Filler Idea's for Kids!

Each year I find it hard to think of things the monkeys would like in their Christmas Stockings, so I wondered maybe others might be having the same dilemma! I've come up with a few great suggestions here, but of course these are just a few possibilities!
The ever popular puzzle brand Rubik's now have a range for juniors! John Adams Rubik's Junior Animal Puzzles. For ages 4+ and just £9.99 each, they can be found on Amazon. As featured on This Morning!
With the New Paddington Movie out now, these University Games Paddington Spot the Difference and Colour On items will make great stocking fillers. For ages 8+ and 3+ there's something for older and younger children. Both available from John Lewis at £7.99 each.
A game in a tin! Timeline from Esdevium Games is perfect for older children, aged 8+. This one is all about British History, but there are many more! £13.99 from John Lewis.
At first glance, this looks like a girls magazine but in fact it's a plush toy! Shnooks by Zuru. Unpack it and watch it expand up to 8 x it's size! Groom it an collect them all. One for the girls, this costs £7.99. There are 6 to collect. From major toy retailers, including Smyths.
Zuru Mayka, the original toy block tape. Ingenious tape that you can stick Lego and other compatible bricks onto! Around £10-£14, use it as a base for hanging creations upside down, horizontally or vertically! Get it from Argos.
How about some Hallmark Itty Bittys? Lots to collect and different collections available. These Justice League ones make a full set. There's even Christmas themed ones! Buy from Amazon for £6 each.
The latest Despicable Me 3 movie is out now on DVD. A great stocking filler for Minion fans and great family viewing too! £10 from Tesco. Perfect viewing after those belly's have been filled and Dad is sleepy on Christmas Day!
New Trolls Holiday on DVD. "When the Queen of the Trolls, Poppy, finds out that the Bergens do not have holidays, she enlists help from her friends, Branch and the Snack Pack, to help her bring holidays to the Bergens" £4.99 from Amazon.
These 'his and hers' Kevin and Katie Carrots from the Aldi Christmas Adverts are actually now sold out, but if you were lucky enough to get hold of any, why not pop them into the kids stocking! Money raised from the sale of these lovable plush carrots goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Just £2.99 each. From Thursday 14th December you can get baby ones too!
For your Minion fan, there's the new Despicable Me 3 Mineez Minions Collectors Tin. Collect mini Minions and store them in the tin! Lots to collect. £14.99 from Amazon.
Last but not least, maybe some Pokemon merchandise! The trading cards are always popular and will make a perfect stocking filler. These plush Pokemon toys from Tomy are great too. Litten and Owlet cost from £9.99 each. All Pokemon gifts can be found at various retailers! 

So, there you have it. A quick guide for some Kids stocking ideas. 
We wish you happy shopping and of course don't forget the chocolate coins and selection box!


The joy of mixed breeds – why each one will melt your heart

As some of you may know, we may be getting a puppy in the new year! It's not been an easy decision and we've taken a long time to look at the right breed for us. 

Whether it’s a cockapoo that belongs to your mum, labradooble puppies for sale in Manchester or Puggles to adopt at your local rescue centre, mixed-breed dogs are just as sought after as their pedigree counterparts. 

So, before you buy your next purebred dog, consider the magic a mixed-breed dog can bring into your life. Just remember, as with anything, there are ups and downs to consider.

Photo Credit: Liz Tumbridge (http://www.hartofthemunchkinpatch.co.uk/)

One of a Kind
Every dog is unique, even purebred dogs. Purebred dogs have their own personalities and usually show minor differences in appearance. ​However, each mixed-breed dog is one of a kind! Even if you meet a similar dog, no two are quite the same. Yes, even pedigree litter mates are genetically unique, but your mixed-breed dog truly stands alone. A wonderful reason to consider a mixed-breed.
Mixed breeds are thought to adjust more easily to a variety of households and living conditions, whereas purebreds tend to be bred with a specific skill set in mind, such as herding or hunting.

You can have your choice of size and colour
Mutts come in all sizes -- small, medium, large, and XL. They come with short, long, curly, or wiry coats in every colour. They may have small ears that stand up, or big floppy ears that flap in the wind. Mutts come with long or short legs, and big fluffy tails, or no tail at all. Whatever your taste in canine companions, you can find a mixed breed dog to fit the bill!

Worth the Gamble
Mixed-breed dogs are not necessarily predisposed to hereditary problems. This is not to say your mutt will be perfect, but mixed breed dogs are less likely to possess breed-specific hereditary heath and behaviour problems.
If your dog is a Labrador mix, she could still have hip dysplasia, but it may be less severe because the breed is basically “diluted.” A Chow mix may be less likely to have aggression problems than a purebred (though not all Chow Chows are aggressive).
Although any dog may have serious hereditary problems, it may worth the risk to get a mutt. However, while the mystery of a mutt can be exciting, it is important to prepare yourself for a few surprises along the way.

Available and affordable
Everyone knows that owning a dog is not cheap. With vet bills, dog food, treats, toys, paying for kennel stays amongst other things, owning a dog is a huge commitment. But in addition, just purchasing a particular pedigree breed can come with a high price tag – especially if that breed is “in fashion” and high demand.
Mixed breeds are readily available at reputable dog breeders, and they are usually weaned and partially house trained to boot! However, the same goes for your adopted shelter dogs. Many are usually neutered when they meet their prospective new owners and are up to date with their vaccinations.

In addition, there are always mixed breed dogs in abundance waiting to be loved! 

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