Zuru Smashers - NEW!

Boxing Day 2017 sees the release of Zuru Smashers, Series 1. A MAJOR new collectible sports related toy for 4 -12yr olds. We are delighted to have been asked to be some of the first people to get our hands on the new toys. How exciting. Perfect, for our sports mad monkeys! 
Tasked with smashing a Piñata to see what Smashers goodies were inside. Below you'll see our un-edited video of the monkeys smashing the huge sphere and 'unboxing' the Smashers that were inside there. Both monkey's said they loved smashing a Piñata, but in fact, this was there very first time at smashing one!
Smashers is a plastic ball that you have to physically ‘smash’ to get to the sports-themed collectible character inside. The 'shattered' red ball's then double up as a bit of a puzzle, so children can try to put them back into a sphere!

"Throw, smash, surprise, trade and collect."
"Smash the ball and collect them all". There are over 100 sports characters to collect. To see what's inside, just smash, smash, smash! 

With a collectors tin, Smash Bus, single and multipacks, there's something smashing for everyone! Each character promoting teamwork and sports.
Each toy and pack comes with a collectors guide, there's even a collectors app! Can you find the Super Rare Smashers? Or the Game Changers? We now have a fab selection and what's more the Smashers Bus opens out into a football pitch with shoot out and goal! Football is the monkeys favourite sport! 
The monkeys loved smashing the Piñata to see what was inside and were just as excited to see which Smashers they had. There's a great selection for their Collectors Tin and the bus even stores 50 Smashers. You can get them in single packs, 2's or even 8. 
Kids can explore which characters they have, swap them, play footy with the bus football pitch and even try and and rebuild the bright red sphere's. Each Smasher has a Smasher Points value (SP), so collect the most valuable team! 

We are loving these new collectibles.............and are honoured to have been asked to be one of the first to grab them and get smashing! 

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