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As you may know we are Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game Club members and do love our family time (which as a foursome, is less than we would like). The boys love it when we all sit together and play board games and this one was no exception!

Ticket To Ride First Journey
How many players? 2-4
Target Age Group? 6+
What's in the box? 1 game board, 80 plastic trains (split into four different colours), 72 train cards, 32 ticket cards, 4 coast to coast ticket cards, 1 golden ticket and game instructions.

Object of the Game? The object of this game is to be the first person to complete 6 tickets. 

Our thoughts - At first glance, in all honesty we weren’t sure if we’d be able to work out how to play the game. It didn’t appear to be obvious at first.

After spending ten minutes working out the instructions it appeared relatively straight forward after all. 

Each player uses their coloured train cards to plan a route from one destination to another as instructed on their individual destination cards.
Each player has their own colour train pieces to place onto the board. Every time a coloured train card matches a space on the individuals route a train can be placed on the board to create the journey.
It turned out to be quite a useful game for our sons as it encouraged them to sit and work out the most effective route from one destination to another. Colour recognition and planning was encouraged too, as is reading for our youngest (almost 7yr old). The destinations are based in Europe and any route can be taken to get from your starting place to your destination.

Conclusion As a family game Ticket to Ride First Journey, is quite entertaining, however the instructions could possibly be a little more easy to follow as there is no “START” or “FINISH” indicated.

I've no idea if we are actually playing it correctly but the boys (9 and 6yrs) are keen to play it together, with or without us. They don't seem to cheat (something they do with lots of other board games) and neither have they argued whilst playing it. The materials used seem to be well made and of very good quality. 

The RRP is £25. Ticket to Ride First Journey can be found here

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