Tactic - Lumo Stars!

Lumo Stars – the new Nordic-inspired collectible soft toys from Tactic launched this month. Brand new cute and cuddly collectibles. They are are inspired by Nordic nature and mythologies!

These cute creatures are the perfect 'friend' for little monkey at present, as he has taken a shine to all things soft, cute and cuddly! It's helping to alleviate his desire for a real life dog too!

Each Lumo Stars cuddly animal character is made from the softest plush with deep, colourful eyes reminiscent of the Northern Lights, creating an adorable look that children will love. 

"The first range of Lumo Stars, The Northern Brights Collection, is in stores now. There’s also a free Lumo Stars app where little ones can bring their Lumo buddy to life by scanning the QR code on the tag. Feed, play and take care of your Lumo Star and watch your companion grow in the magical app world.
The range includes collectible Mini, Classic and Big plush toys and are available from all good toy shops. RRP £3.99 to £12.99".
Little monkey has been sent Blueberry the cat, Uggla the owl and Raspberry the bear on a keyring. All from the Northern Brights Collection. Each comes with it's name attached along with the code for the free app and a little information on it's name day and likes!
Little monkey is delighted with them. He has attached the keyring to his school bag and the Owl and Cat are tucked safely on his bed with his other beloved cuddly toys. I'm certain he will want to add to the collection.
You can purchase these fab Lumo Stars from Amazon. Other stockists will be available soon! 
I think these cute cuddly toys will be very popular and look forward to seeing the next collection! Perfect as pocket money purchases or gifts. 


Getting More out of the Space in Your Home!

If we could, most of us would move to a bigger house. But, the price of property and the moving process means that for most families staying put is the only realistic option. Therefore, we need to make the best of the space that we already have. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to do exactly that.

Create a chill-out space in the corner of a room.

If you are struggling to find somewhere to chill out try setting up a comfy chair in the corner of a room. It is a good idea to light the area in some way, so you can read or do crafts. In most cases, a stick-up wall-light or floor lamp will be the right choice.
You can also put up a couple of prints like the ones you can order from firms like hellocanvas.co.uk. Doing this personalises your little 'cubby hole' so that it feels more like your own little space and looks nicer.

Make use of the space under your stairs.
Another approach is to use the cupboard under the stairs. You will be pleasantly surprised by how usable this space is. However, you need to make sure that this type of cupboard is well lit and that it is properly shelved out, so it does not get too untidy.
Potentially, the space under your stairs is a great place to set up a craft room or home office. If it is big enough you can set things up so you can step in and shut the door. But even if it is smaller, as you can see from this Pinterest board, you can still set the space up as an office. Some of the designs you will see there are stunning.

Use your shed.

If you have a shed, you can turn it into an office or another type of workspace. In fact, it is even possible to buy pre-fabricated garden offices. In some cases, you will not even need planning permission. 

Create more outdoor play space.

Plus, sheds can make really brilliant playrooms. You should always make your garden as child-friendly as possible. This will encourage your children to play outdoors more often.
Setting up a swing, a trampoline, a basketball hoop, swing ball or a football goal can all be done in under an hour and does not cost much. It is surprising how much your kids will play with these items.
Actually, making more of your garden space is a good thing in general. Having somewhere to eat and, maybe, cook outside can make it far easier for you to keep your home clean and tidy, during the warmer months.

A place for everything.

When space is short, having enough storage available is key. Stackable storage bins make sure that you use the entire cube, so a cupboard can store more.
Buying furniture with storage built-in is a great way of adding more storage to any home. Boarding out your loft and installing proper shelving in your garage are both good ways to significantly increase the amount of storage you have available.

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Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Crisps!

It may or may not be known that I'm a bit of a crisp fend! I always have been and always will be. So imagine my excitement when I discovered local potato farmers Fairfields Farm. 

Who are Fairfields Farm?
• Our families have been farming in East Anglia for three generations.

• We harvest potatoes, maize and rye on beautiful farmland across the Colne Valley just north of Colchester in Essex. On our farm we cold store, wash, grade and bag twelve different potato varieties which are then supplied to wholesalers and retailers across the UK. We also grow our own special varieties of crisping potatoes which are hand cooked on the farm to the highest possible standards which is why we’re BRC (Grade A) accredited.

• We deliver our crisps and potatoes to and supply crisps to partners nationally and internationally (about 20 countries)

• We started making crisps in 2006 which then lead to the production of vegetable crisps in 2013 and most recently Lentil Bites in 2016

• Our business is entirely energy efficient, which we believe makes us the UK’s only hand-cooked crisp company powered solely by renewable energy. We spent two years planning and building a new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant the size of about 10 football fields to enable us to do this. Situated right next to the farm’s crisp factory and potato fields it has transformed our production process.

Locally grown and farmed, they even do the UK's first ever Heat and Eat crisps! Yes, that's right. Crisps that you heat in the microwave and then eat! 

Lets take a look! 
"We are not your typical potato farmers. When we invented the first ever microwaveable crisps with dip here on our family farm in Essex, our friends thought we’d finally gone completely mad!
Husband, Robert turned-up at Tesco head office with a microwave oven under one arm and a bag of handcooked crisps in the other. After demonstrating to the buying team in February last year, the concept of hot crisps with dip was born. Six months later Heat & Eat was nationwide in Tesco stores".

Available in two flavours (Sea Salt and Cheese & Chive) both come with a dip (Tomato Salsa and Caramelised Onion). Each contains 125g of crisps, which you heat for 30 seconds in the specially made packet then eat.

The instructions are marked out on the bag and are very easy to follow. 

• Unzip the bag, remove the dip, microwave for 30 seconds, then dip and eat
• Freshly cooked taste
• Designed uniquely to be microwaveable whilst retaining their crunch
• Hand cooked on the farm using renewable energy
• Gluten free

Take a look at the Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat video!

I have to say they are delicious. My favourite flavour are the Cheese & Chive ones with the Caramelised Onion dip. Very tasty indeed. I found shaking the bag, once heated, helped to 'fluff' them up before eating. The crisps went down a treat with us all here! Our friends enjoyed them too.

Heat & Eat are available in a wide selection of Tesco Stores across the UK to find your nearest stockist go to Fairfields Farm online. 


We have a box of Heat & Eat Crisps to give away to one winner. The box contains 3 x 125g packets of the Heat & Eat Crisps. To enter, please complete the rafflecopter form below. T&C's apply. UK residents only. Closes Midnight March 11th 2018. Good Luck!
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