Oh So Quiet!

2018 has been somewhat testing for the most part to say the least! Perhaps why I've been Oh So Quiet! 

Let me take you back to the end of 2017 first. One of our adult niece's was badly burnt in a horrific accident whilst on holiday. She has done so amazingly well to get where she is today but it was tough! Over 4 months in hospital and very touch and go at times. Home now, I'm delighted to say.

Winter bugs and virus' have hit us all (they seemed never ending in January and February! Flying around us all like a tag team.
Then more recently, my brother was hospitalised with pneumonia and possible weils disease! Now home, he is recovering. 

With the usual school, home and work issues that come with modern family day living I've just not felt like sharing any news, until now, good or bad! 

We've had successes and some exciting times ahead, but it's just felt like there has been one thing after another.All the while, we were plotting and planning a new kitchen which is now complete and ready for me to blog about! 

That's for another day though! 

How's your 2018 shaping up?

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