Sweet Pups!

Its all about the pups here! Little monkey is into dogs big time and has a growing collection of the soft toy variety! 

Imagine my interest when I happened across Sweet Pups from Trends on Instagram one day! I just knew he would love them and low and behold, we were kindly sent one for him!

What are sweet pups you ask? I mean all pups are sweet but these......are pups disguised as sweet treats. Pastries to be exact! 
In series 1 there are 12 gorgeous breeds to choose from, priced at £7.99 each, you can collect them all.
Open the plastic packaging (which doubles up as a pup bed, open the pastry and turn it inside out to reveal the pup inside! Hey presto! 
Each comes in a croissant, macaroon, pastry or sticky bun! Ours was inside a pan au chocolat! 

Cool hey! A grey and white husky. Why not take a look at the Trends UK facebook page.

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