Kitting Out Our Puppy with Pets at Home!

It wasn't a quick or easy decision to get a puppy. We've never had a dog before but really felt having one would compliment our family, now that the monkeys are older! We decided on a breed and after being recommended to them, put our names down on a breeders waiting list.
During that time, I did lots of research and ummed and arred an awful lot about whether we were making the right decision. One minute, coming to the conclusion, maybe not and others most definitely yes! After around five months of being on the waiting list, as fate would have it, the Dam we had been 'paired' up with didn't get pregnant but another one had given birth to her first litter and there was one spare pup. A girl, in the original colour I had set my heart on.
Meet Daisy
We had been expecting to get a boy puppy in chocolate brown but when we saw photo's of Daisy, our minds were well and truly made up!
Skipping on a few weeks, the visits had been made and we were smitten. Que a mad panic to get prepared for her to come home and kitted out for a puppy to join the family. Where to start?!
I'd popped into our local Pets at Home store and looked at all the dog and puppy stuff, overwhelmed by it all to be honest! Now, I'm used to shopping but not for puppy paraphernalia!
Luckily Pets at Home is a one stop stop for all things pets and not just merchandise! They offer help and advice as well as comprehensive vet services (Pets for Vets) and some have groom rooms too.
The local Pets at Home store manager was on hand to help me get everything ready for our new arrival. He offered advice on the food she could have (equivalent to what she was already having at the breeders) and even did a price comparison for us. He ran though the different services offered in store (from find my VIP) to grooming tips and advice on worming and flea prevention, as well as other tips for puppy. 
The Pets at Home Little Book of Puppy has invaluable advice for new puppy owners and even offers money off vouchers inside. Free to VIP memebers or just £1.50. I really could not fault his help and knowledge. I left the store with an array of things for our new arrival. Everything she could possibly need.
I came away with a crate (that we are using for Daisy at night and when we go out and have to leave her), dog beds, treats, food and water bowls, puppy pads, a collar and lead, grooming stuff, puppy toys and more.
I've since taken Daisy into the store (in my arms) to meet the Manager and she's been to the vets there for her 2nd injection, a first visit vet check up and to book her 2nd course of flea treatment and worming tablets. The staff have always been very attentive and the customers obviously keen to say hello to our little pup! I'm really impressed. 
We shall be continuing to use Pets at Home (and Pets for Vets) for Daisy and will recommend them to others too. They have an array of stuff for all pets and even a dedicated section for Puppies too! For us, being literally just down the road, it's the perfect one stop shop for Daisy. Next time we go, she'll be on her lead and seeing the nurse for her monthly flea and worming treatments. 
She's settled in with us really well, and having had her for two weeks, it already feels like she has always been part of the family. She is using the garden for 99% of her toilet needs and is sleeping from around 9pm to 5am, with a garden visit before we go off to bed. Daisy is calm when we leave her in her crate to pop out and is calm when we return. We cannot wait to start walking her and taking her for adventures when we take her out in her crate in the car. The few journeys we've already made in the car, have been successful. The only negative we've encountered is with one neighbour, who has taken umbrage to Daisy barking at 5am on her 5th morning with us!! Needless to say, we are not impressed and that neighbour is now off the Christmas card list! 
I cannot thank Pets at Home enough for their help, support and advice. What they do not stock in store, can be found online!

We were very kindly gifted a budget with Pets at Home to purchase all of the stuff Daisy would need. Huge Thanks.


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