Last month we took part in a twitter frenzy to celebrate the release of Meegos from Click Creations. Adorable fair trade crochet collectible toys. Series One is all about Dogs and Pups! 

With six breeds in Series 1 of the 5 inch Meegos and twelve different mini Meegos, there are lots to collect. The mini Meegos come in blind boxes, so you don't know until you open them, which will be in there! There are also three Limited Edition families of pups to collect. Each of those comes with a 5 inch dog and two minis to collect.

Little monkey is dog mad.....animal mad in fact. We're even getting a real puppy of our own very soon! He was delighted when two 5 inch Meegos and 2 Pups came to stay! 
He has Baxter (a Limited Edition) and Harley, (both 5 inch ones) and has headed over the Meegos website to uncover their personalities and learn all about their habitats! 
These very cute crochets dogs and pups are handmade in Bangladesh through a not for profit Fair trade organisation, making a real difference in over 200 villages, bringing sustainable, regular and flexible employment for women. 

Each 5 inch Meegos takes five hours to make and the mini ones taking over one hour to crochet. Series 1 has created jobs for more then 4,000 women.
Which Pups did he get in the blind boxes you ask? 
Buster (a limited edition pup) and we think Poppy! She's neither Poppy or Teddy according to the website (a unique one off). The 5 inch Meegos are £12.99 each and the minis £6.99. Both are available from Sainsbury's and Debenhams. The 2nd series will be out later this year and features wild animals.
As you can see, we have a very impressed little monkey, who thinks they are just great. Made well, I can see them being very popular with girls and boys alike. 

We love that they are sustainable and are helping women in Bangladesh to work and are looking forward to seeing Series 2 hitting the shops later this year. 

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