Back to School with Treads!

The boys last pair of school shoes from a well known kids shoe shop lasted well (especially seeing as both boys feet hadn't grown from Aug 17 to April 18. They did, however after two terms of wear, really need replacing. One pair had been super glued and the other just looked tatty.  

Where to find in the region of £90 though? 

I did some searching online and came across Treads, who kindly sent us a pair of their boys school shoes for each boy. Grateful, I sent the boys back to school after Easter in their new shoes and since then they've put them to the test! 

With a 12 month indestructible guarantee, they've not had them long enough to see if this is true but so far, I'm impressed to say, they still look as good as new! 

Both boys have the Madrid style shoe. Big monkey had been sent the Toyko lace up shoe but really didn't like them and insisted he wouldn't wear them (being to lazy to wear shoes with laces), so very kindly Treads allowed me to return them and sent him a pair he would be happy with.
Touch fasten leather upper shoes with scuff resistant toes, these shoes are sturdy and very durable. They have a dual fit system, meaning you can adjust the width to suit the wearer. Just leave in the dual fit system or remove the orange insole, as desired.
I've been using either a damp cloth to wipe the shoes clean (as they were getting very dusty on the dry school field) or a liquid sponge polish. Both giving good results!
These school shoes really are hard wearing and robust. Both boys run around at playtime at school, they've received no scuffs! Big monkey even plays football on the school field in his and they still look as good as new.
Neither boy will be getting a new pair for back to school in September. They won't need them (unless they have a massive growth spurt)! Ordering online was easy, we had been to get the boys feet measured, so just ordered in that size!
For Boys aged 6-16, they are currently only £35 a pair, saving £10 on the RRP. Totally worth every penny and with free delivery and free hassle free returns too, there really is no reason not to try them. With several different styles available I know we will be ordering from Treads again, when the time comes. There are even grown up styles to suit big monkey, when he starts secondary school next year!
Thanks treads, they get a huge thumbs up from us! Happy holidays all, see you on the other side! 


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