Visiting Orlando!

One of the places I'd like to take the boys one day is Orlando, Florida! I've had the good fortune of going twice in the past and I think they would love it! 

The first time I went was with school, many moons ago. I was 12. It was my first time away from home. What a place to go! We stayed with host families and visited all the usual places (that were there at the time). Epcot hadn't even been open that long. Now there are even more parks than before! You can get your park tickets online now but not back then! I remember we went to Disney World, Epcot (which at the time was my favourite), Wet n Wild, The Kennedy Space Centre and also Sea World.
I'm pretty sure Universal Studios Orlando Resort and MGM (now Disney's Hollywood Studios) were not open then. Now you can get multi park tickets, for the duration of your stay. There are numerous Orlando Combination ticket packages, with 6 Disney Parks now. Not to mention all the others! WOW! Did you know there's even a Legoland Florida? I only found that out myself recently. Boy, I bet the place has changed so much.

I next went to Disney, Orlando as an adult with friends and their family. We stayed in a Villa and rented a car to visit the parks, eat out on International Drive (which was so much bigger than the time before) and to visit the shopping malls. We're going back 13 years. I remember it being just as magical as the time when I went with school and being an adult I was probably more excited to be honest! So, really there is no ideal age! Young or old, we're all still big kids at heart! 
I really think the boys would love Universal Studios Orlando Resort the most! I think they would relate to the film themed shows and rides more than the typical Disney ones! (personally I love them all). My plan would be for us to stay in a rented Villa with Pool and hire a car. That way, you can be more flexible with meals, chill out at the villa (as lets face it visiting Orlando isn't a rest) and come and go as you please! As much as we would like to stay in one of the Disney hotels, I also think hiring a villa is more affordable! 

Best time of year to go? For us it would have to be Easter! Still warm and sunny but not super hot, like in the school summer holidays out there and hopefully less packed too. I've been at Easter and in July, both great, but with a hubby who cannot cope with it being too hot and the boys, I think for us Easter is best. 
You'd have to go for at least two weeks wouldn't you! I don't think anything shorter would be long enough. Three weeks would be better, but I'm not sure we could afford the time to do that. I'm super excited to see if we ever get there as a family. I really hope so! Even if we all go when they are young adults. 

It's certainly on the bucket list! Have you been? Want to go?

*Collaborative post

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