Boots from BOGS!

Since getting our Sprocker Spaniel Daisy back in May I thought it would be a good idea to get decent wellies for the monkeys and I to wear when walking her. Daddy doesn't do wellies, so he opted out! Now, usually I'm not a great fan myself as I find them clumpy to walk in and often uncomfortable too but that was before we tried boots sent to us from BOGS

Waterproof footwear for all the family. BOGS footwear kindly sent me the Amanda Plush boot and both the monkeys a pair of Kids Arcata Wool Stripe boots. They are suitable for temperatures below -40 (and will be taken with us when we go to Lapland at Christmas!)
The Amanda Plush in Olive were ordered in a size UK 5 for me and are mid calf. They are 100% waterproof with handles either side for ease of putting on and pulling off and come with a lush faux-fur lining for extra warmth and comfort. Suitable for wear in temperatures of -25. Of course when the boots first arrived we had zero rain for about two months! Just typical. However, they have now been tested in the rain, in long wet grass and leaves on dog walks and on at least one 4 mile 'hike' whilst walking the dog. I can honestly say they are super comfy, kept my feet both warm and dry and did not squeak like some wellies do, or feel clumpy and awkward to walk in. I think the laces at the front really help to secure them comfortably, making them fully adjustable to the wearer. I really like them!
The monkeys have worn their boots to watch football being played in the rain and on dog walks also. They have not complained of cold wet feet and their socks were bone dry! Something they are not when often wearing trainers when it rains. True to size, they fit comfortably. Super durable, hard wearing, insulated and suitable for temperatures of -40, they are also super easy to get on and off with the side handles. Of course they have no idea we are off to Lapland but I fully intend for them to wear these there! Both monkeys have them in navy, with red and grey wool stripes and contrasting faux-fur lining. The laces are fastened with a woggle, making them so much easier for kids to secure.
We can highly recommends these boots from BOGS. Both types have dura-fresh technology eliminating odours. BOGS offer free UK shipping on orders over £75. The Amanda Plush are £100 on the website.
Thanks BOGS, we really do rate the boots. I shall be wearing them from now on on dog walks, when wet and soggy under foot. We look forward to testing the monkeys ones out in a much colder climate later in the year! Shh..........................I shall update on the monkeys ones when we come back from the Artic Circle!


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