Scrumbles Natural Pet Food - New Food For Daisy!

Daisy was 1yrs old a few weeks back. Can you believe that? We've still not had her a year but it's like we've never been without her. A few weeks before her birthday the lovely folk at Scrumbles Natural Pet Food offered to send her some new food to try. 

I'll be honest, I'd never heard of Scrumbles. A British brand making cat and dog food, with no added nasties, which is naturally hypoallergenic, gluten free and with added probiotics! Worth a try I'd say! Not me of course.....but Daisy. 

We were sent a 2kg bag of chicken kibble, suitable for small and medium breed daring dogs not exceeding 25kg. Daisy is certainly daring, a medium breed and around 13kg......so spot on! 
I let her sniff the bag first and added the kibble into her usual food to avoid a quick change of food and avoid any upset tummy.
She can be a fussy soul, only eating certain dog biscuits and grazing on her food.....it took a few attempts if I'm honest before she would give it a try. Ultimately though, she ate it. Gradually we gave her more, so it replaced her usual food.
We focus on the meat content when sourcing new food usually and this is pretty good at 60% chicken (that's 35.5 freshly prepared chicken, 21% dried chicken and 2% chicken fat plus 1.5%chicken liver).
The higher the meat content the better. I can safely say Daisy did not have any tummy issues on Scrumbles and over time the entire bag was consumed by her. The gradual change most definitely helps with the change over. 

The size of the kibble is larger than she was used to but this wasn't an issue.

Would we buy it?

I think I would. It's more expensive than the one Daisy usually has though. £11.49 for 2kg. £40 for 8kg. We pay £7.99 for 2kg or £35 for 15kg. 

There are so many different brands on the market though, cheaper and way more expensive too. Ultimately it comes down to what you want to feed your dog, how they take to it, and not least the budget. 

Scrumbles gets Daisy's vote for taste and no nasty additives. No iffy tummy and free delivery over £20 too! 
The website is fun and dead easy to use. You can even subscribe and save 5%. Plus 10% of profits go to animal charities. We'd definitely recommend them!

Thanks Jack and Co!


7 Landscape Edging Ideas for Artificial Grass Lawns

We're still debating what to do with our very patchy, dog hole ridden garden! The other issue we have is next doors tree....it drops leaves and flowers all over our garden each year and therefore leaves the bottom of the garden soggy and wet! We've often thought about having the whole garden artificially turfed, that way, there will be somewhere for the boys to play football and for the dog to play! There are things to consider though. Not least the outlay and of course the design.

When buying an artificial grass, there are certain things and factors that you need to consider in order for you to achieve that perfect, natural-looking grass in your lawn. The final look of your lawn greatly depends on your imagination, your choice of artificial grass materials and the location of your residence. You need to widen your imagination. This will allow you to get the most out of the money you spent on your artificial grass. While you can hire an artificial grass designer, there are some ideas that are quite simple but can have a big impact on the view that you can do by yourself.
If by any chance you have struggled on covering those uneven edges, you can actually use some of these ideas to minimise or actually eradicate the uneven edges of your newly-installed artificial grass.

1. Curbing
Curbing is one of the greatest ideas when it comes to edging your lawn. This is commonly used in streets to separate the road from the pavement but you can actually use this idea to cover the edges of your lawn. However, this will require intensive planning since curbing is made of concrete so if you are not sure with the design of your lawn, consider another idea.

2. Paving Stones
This is, by far the most common edging decoration in almost every house with a lawn. Not just because it covers the edges of the lawn, it also creates a pathway. This is a good idea because it will protect the artificial grass from heavy foot traffic. It will also create a balance of stones and green colours.

3. Bendable Borders
Bendable borders offer a safer edging for your children's playground. This is also applicable to those who plan to have a regular redesigning of their artificial grass lawn because bendable borders, aside from being bendable, are actually movable. While they are bendable and movable, this kind of border is also durable.

4. Logs or Wood
If you want to create that forestry vibe, you can actually use logs or woods to cover the edges of your artificial grass lawns. You can use this on both straight and curved edges.

Source: realestate

5. Railroad Ties
Railroad ties offer a more vintage-looking artificial grass lawn. You can use as an edging medium on your lawn and at the same time give a wonderful aura on your back garden. Remember that creativity is the key. Aside from that, railroad ties are versatile because they can fit in almost everything including stones and gravel. This will also serve as a guideline when you are planning to install an artificial grass.

6. Gravel
If you want a dynamic design, you can use gravel as a border. Although it can be dirty at times, it offers a more complex design to your artificial grass lawn which is good because you can redesign your lawn anytime you want. Aside from that, you can also top the gravel with statues, or anything you want to do with it.

7. Wood Chips or Bark
Just like gravel, you can put some wood chips or bark as your covering agent around the edges of your artificial grass lawn. Aside from being money-wise, this gives you that country-side, provincial vibe in your back garden while being in the depths of the city.

Source: neograss

So those are the 7 great ideas that you may want to do with the edges of your artificial grass lawn. You can do this according to your preference and you can also do this with your family as a form of bonding. Some of this ideas do not require heavy manpower.

*Guest post


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