Las Iguanas Lakeside!

My best friend and I meet twice a week as a rule, for dog walking, a girly chat, sometimes coffee (and cake) and even lunch, dinner or shopping. 

Our get togethers are full of fun and laughter, putting the world to rights and generally good for the soul! They keep us sane and really are truly what keeps us going some days.

Night's out together (without the kids or husbands) eating, chatting and drinking are few and far between so when we were invited along to the newly re-vamped Las Iguanas, Lakeside, we were excited to go along for a complimentary meal.
We instantly noticed the party vibe. Inside was bustling with diners and groups making use of the 2 for 1 cocktails on offer! No diners using the outside seating as still a little chilly of an evening for that.

The decor Latin America inspired, vibrant, warm and cheerful. 
Staff were super friendly and nothing was too much trouble.
We shared the mocktails (included in the 2 for 1 offer all day every day) and both ate Chilli. Mine was the mild (cocoa & ancho) chilli con carne and my friend had the veggie chilli. She's had that before and loves it. Mine was delicious and comes highly recommended! Really, it was so good.
The lure of Coconut ice cream over took my desire for Churros but I did share a little of hers, so it was win win for me! Incidentally the coconut ice cream was amazing!
I could have been tempted to eat so much more, but honestly we were full. Definitely the 'place to be' on a Friday night for lots of cool reasons.....cheap drinks, great food, fab atmosphere, friendly and cheerful staff........

Pop along if you can, I'm sure you really won't be disappointed. We'll certainly be going back. 

Cheers Las Iguanas....... 

We we invited for a complimentary meal for the purpose of this post.



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