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Hi, well, where to start? A little about me: I'm a twin and my brother looks nothing like me. He is tall and dark. I am not! Until I met my husband I used to work in Surrey with children who had special needs for a charity. I met great friends there and loved my new home just down the road but felt ready to settle down and have my own family.
Mark and I met back in 2005 at a party in Surrey.  I lived in Surrey still at the time but he had traveled from Essex and nearly didn't get there as he took a wrong turn! So fate must have stepped in! We traveled between counties to see one and other until I moved in with him in Essex in 2006.
Later the following June Mark and I married in a lovely Tudor Manor House. The Wedding was one of the most amazing days of my life. next we honeymooned on safari in kenya then very soon afterwards we found out I was expecting our 1st child.
Big monkey was born in May 2008 (now 8) and we quickly settled into family life, both of us taking to parent hood like a duck to water. It took us a while longer to fall with baby number two!
Little monkey came along to complete our family in January 2011 (now almost 6) and then there were four in the family :-) 
No longer a stay at home mum as I work 32 hours a week. Mark is employed in the fitness industry. He looks after the monkey's when I have to work and we tag team the childcare!
I've decided to start blogging as a way of meeting other like minded parents, to give the boys something to read when they get older, about their childhood and because I want to share the fun we have as a mad family!! We are also keen to review products for companies that are suitable to our life and that the boys will love. I will be offering a few competitions along the way too! Happy reading :-)

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