New Me

This page is all about the new Jo - My weight loss and exercise journey! A journey that has seen my confidence grow and my mind become a happier one.

Disgusted with myself
The great loss
Challenge update
Challenge update
Challenge update
New Year, new me
New Year new Challenge
Clean 9 detox
OMG, a Clean 6 update
Results are in
Challenge update
Diet and weight loss update
People are noticing
Chipping away
Twelve Pounds to go!
I thought it would slow down  
Four months in!
It fits 
My weekly weigh in
Then and now
Three stone gone! 
Easy does it
Another week is done 
Almost to target
It's slowing down 
Woohoo - target hit
#Newme update 
Almost 4 stone off  
#Newme update
The results


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